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EA Sports Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact EA & EA Sports Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

EA Sports Tech Support
PC Phone Number: 650-628-1905
Console Phone Number: 650-628-4322
Online Phone Number: 866-543-5435

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  1. I bought 3 players, I could them to my team because ‘my auction was too important’ so i went on the Web app, ‘removed all expired items’ and my players and my money were gone.

  2. i bought a player in FUT 13 and when i wanted to put him in my squad he disappeared and no where to be found, spent 55,000 coins to buy him and he is no where in my FUT 13

  3. The woods 2013 game sucks. You spend time getting coins to get and open a new course like waliae and you lose coins. I HAVE LOST OVER A TOTAL OF 33,000 coins due to the glitches in the game.It freezes the game and you lose the the coins. you have had 3 or 4 updates and there are still glitches like hitting the ball over the water and you get put back at the begining of the of the pond. I don’t think I will be buying anymore woods games and possibly a few others.

  4. Hello I’m frustrated with FIFA 13 ultimate team because I had a Barcelona team on my squad but I turned my Xbox off then turned it back on a few hours later and there was no squad my Xbox gamer tag is tempo freestyle and I hope you can get back to me and hopefully return my players. Thank you.

  5. I have only three things in life that brings me real joy, and off line franchise mode where Im able to import my draft classes from the college game to madden WAS one of those three things. Ive read about the patch that went in, but Im not versed on the lingo so to speak so can someone in simple english tell me weather or not this issue has been resolved.

  6. i went on my playstation 3 and played fifa 13. i went on my ultimate team, suddenly all my 24 players was in the trade pile and they got sold, also all my money got taken away. this happened on 21st November 2012

  7. I lose connection on my FUT matches that are not against other players. This cost me contracts and hurts my DNF multiplier. On top of that sometimes when I turn the game on it doesnt recognize my online pass, which means I cannot play against other players. I love the FUT part of the game, but you guys owe me about 30 gold contract packs.

    AVFC supporter

  8. I have purchased many EA games but im really frustrated with the EA sports game, Madden 13. It so far has been a great game to play and I really enjoy playing ultimate team but I was really frustrated and disapointed when I bought a legendary 3 pack bundle and recieved 2 Reggie White cards with 97 overall and then i recieved a 92 overall Gene Upshaw. I already had these cards in my lineup and felt like EA doesnt really care about their customers because I have put over $60 extra into that game on legendary packs and so far i havent recieved any special cards. I feel like EA only cares about making money and not giving back to their customers who have given so much to them.

  9. Individual used to be named ‘Buddy Love’ Now goes by ‘The Beast’. He has repeatedly harassed players at the table, calling one person a “crap” and several derogatory comments toward myself. I would like someone to contact him or if possible, block him from playing any games with me. Again, he keeps changing his name, so I cannot just get out of the game once I get into the game because he keeps changing his name.

  10. Yesterday With my own money I had put loads of fifa points in my account but when I logged back on my account on ps3 today I found that there is no fifa point or coins, I had 2000 fifa point and 50,000 coins.

  11. I think EA Sports should make a ski/snowboard game with similar features to Skate 3. It would be very popular since there are no other ski or snowboard games and many people are getting into these sports because of the freestyle attribute. I think it would be a huge success if you could rank up and earn money to buy gear and equipment. There should also be real profession skiers and snowboarders in the game. I hope that this is seriously considered and made into a game. Me along with over a quarter of my school would buy this game and I’m sure it is the same all over the world.

  12. I have many “EA” games, such as “need for speed”, Carbon, Shift, Pro Street, Tiger woods, all on PC… Then I have others on Xbox and Wii, but since I can no longer play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 online, I WILL NEVER AGAIN PURCHASE ANY GAME, WITH THE “EA” TRADEMARK ON IT!

  13. i bought the season pass and it says right on the thing youll be given 24 all pro packs each week all i got was 1 legend and 2 pro packs and its been a week i either want my money back or im gonna sue em for false advertisement

  14. WTF. Why has ur server for madden 13 been down for more then 3hrs. We pay very good money for this and it keeps happening. WHATS THE DEAL???????? Then i try to call and my wait time is 87mins???????

  15. I’ve been having the same problem with fifa 13 ultimate team and hackers. They took my starting 11 and all my bench. All i want is my players back

  16. ive been hacked on fifa ultimate team and im sick of trying to get through to your hotline.. its safe to say i wont be buying fifa ever again and my friends have said the same

  17. I keep losing connection during single player matches. i’ve been disconnected about 15 to 20 times already and lose contracts every time. It’s been happening to my friends to. I’m getting really feed up of the ea servers.

  18. Hi I’m not happy with ordering in game credit & did it twice but yet I’ve not recieved any can you tell me why? I’ve been charged I would like my game credit or return my money please.. Never happened before why now?

  19. I have beaten the team of the week inFUT 13 several times and not received coins for it + it has wasted contracts.Another issue I’m having with FUT 13 is when I buy a player I can’t find him anywhere . I have bought van Persie and Rooney and can’t find them anywhere.I would expect that my money will be refunded.My XBOX gamer tag is CONDOR1999

  20. I baught the 30 dollar 4600 points on ps3 and I never got any of my fifa points what. They never showed up so lost 30 dollars of my money please help me thanks.

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