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EA Sports Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact EA & EA Sports Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

EA Sports Tech Support
PC Phone Number: 650-628-1905
Console Phone Number: 650-628-4322
Online Phone Number: 866-543-5435

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  1. Was playing madden 25 and it was 4qt, the connection to peer showed up and it says that i won bit when i go to leaderboards all stats were recorded show thats i lost. i was play this user: getcash20

    getcash20 is a dc glitcher on psn please get rid of plauer like this.i buythis game to actually play and win my plays not to lose when i have more points.

  2. I Have been playing Fifa for along time now and I have had no problems. The Last week or so my games are Laging Out and any players I purchase will not store into my Club.

  3. hi, my little brothers account has been hacked 3 times and he is now crying as over 100,00 coins have been hacked and a 200,000 coin team and i dont know what to do its broken his heart he is 12 years old, i want to know if anyone can help me as i am genuinely thinking of ringing the police over genuine hacking

  4. my problem is with getting into my team. i hit rt to load ea and it does but i cant do anything after that. it shows i am signed in but when i go to play inside section it does nothing. almost like im not logged in. before this started, i would go to my team and in left corner it would show my coin count then i new i could play. it dont even do that. help is needed , i need my mut back. having withdrawals

  5. I try to do a trade. a 99 Moss for 99 brady and it accept the trade but never got moss and lost Brady. it happen again when i trade a 99 Sapp for a 99 lewis and losted both. I been a madden fan and player since the first game and I can say I’m disappointed.

  6. Terrible service, can’t even access a basic helpline number, really disapointimg. Why can’t you make it simple

  7. This is for the madden team game makers. I think you should mix madden with nfl 2k game play. Call it MADDEN 2k15. Mix game play controller with the both game versions.

  8. EA SPORTS stole money of me when I bought 2200 fifa 14 point on the 23 / 5 / 14 but when I try to contact the I just get the fking run around!

  9. Worst help ever been waiting since Christmas biggest game companies ever and the phone games help you way way faster ea sucks for help

  10. My account got hacked on ps3 Someone hacked into my account and took Ronaldo Messi Ribery and ibrahamovic I am very sad about this pleas can someone give me them back

  11. EA I worked hard on my Fifa 14 ultimate team I had many problems with packs three the same I got Lionel Messi in a pack (normal version) then the ea servers turned off I was very mad I tried to go back on FUT then it loaded up the menu as usual I searched for him on my club but he wasn’t there I decided to open another pack I got lucky and got a TOTY Cech GK. The servers disconnected again it wasn’t my connection I checked.The next pack was a Robin Van Persie The servers shut down I want them cards back in my club EA I will be livid if you don’t send me the players I worked hard for now I’ve been making A English squad but I was going to use a Spanish squad. PLEASE EA

  12. On madden ultimate team some guy jipped me in a trade I had up a player for Johnny he got my player and I didn’t get Johnny I got some one else then he messaged me saying its a problem with server help me out I lost a great player

  13. I have had 6 madeen 25 games and a new ps3 and the game still freeze”s up can”t play at all.i have had to replace the game 6 times back to Walmart 8-23-2013 they keep saying it was the game data stuck at 1.01 so I waited until 1-09-2014 to get the game back and still can”t play it I want my $60.00 back.u say it”s the ps3 but it is not I went and got new ps3 and still cant play the dam game.my gamer tag is killerdad-54 check it and get back too me asap.thank you dave

  14. I’ve been trying change my players and coins over from the PS3 to the PS4 for weeks and it keeps say no transfers are allowed,my password and email account are the same for both systems! Oh by the way the game is Madden 25 and I never received a call from you guys if you can please help me or contact me at 920-509-9012 I really don’t want to lose all of my Packs,Players,and cards I’ve paid for over the last year. Thank YOU!

  15. Hi EA sports my account got hacked on Xbox 360 I am very sad about it on Madden 25 I had so many good players and I lost or all of them I had 93 overall

  16. need to talk to someone about bf4 the game is say I don’t have premium and the game is all so say my hard drive has been corrupted I have call u guy and is says u guy well call back but u have not thank you !!!!! call back number 1(609)638 6918

  17. I bided on angel di maria for fifa 14 and it stays there. So it stole my coins and the player that i won.and the tranfer market sucks so bad!!!!!

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