EA and EA Sports Phone Number


EA Sports Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact EA & EA Sports Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

EA Sports Tech Support
PC Phone Number: 650-628-1905
Console Phone Number: 650-628-4322
Online Phone Number: 866-543-5435

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  1. please help i think i got hacked on fifa 14 my squad went missing then ended up in my club but now i cant place a player in my squad or transfer list. PLEASE HELP my club name is MEANEYMAN. help would be extremly appreciated

  2. Hello ea your servers are really making me angry, all I want to do is go play ultimate team on fifa 14. But, your servers are not allowing me to do this. This happens quite a lot and when I am on it is always very laggy on the transfer markeet. Because of all of this, I belive that us fifa players should be given some free packs. It is the least you can do for all of these troubles. Thank you.

  3. I bought nfs rivals for xbox one and it’s 60$ can I please get my stats to save this is very annoying after I get rank 6 all my stats go back to one

  4. I cannot get into my account ! the help desks asks me for the email and password that doesn’t work so I cannot get help

  5. EA Sports, proof that you can become millionaires, selling absolute garbage. Unplayable games. Cannot log into some games, and cannot even register product codes through Origin. Will not ever buy my kids, anymore of these games. Waste of time, and money. Customer support…………pfft. Really? Will stick to Blizzard Ent. At least you can talk to live customer support, and get your issues resolved right away. Difference in small time and big time.


  7. Ea is some straight up BS I try to play fifa 14 and it always says I’m un able to connect because there is a problem wit the servers and fifa 14 is so stupid because it’s always freezing

  8. Help. I lost my sims medieval registration code and need a new one. Please someone help me out on how to get a new one.

  9. Ive scored so many goals on pro clubs but they don’t count because I keep disconnecting from ea I should have well over 200 goals and the game has been freezing from the first day I bought it that was in like september and I lost so many ultimate team matches because of that

  10. EA can you put 2nd and 3rd divison in the mexico lige because I’m getig tierd of playing agants te same taems each your I what to have fun in the maxican lige so can you please do that for me I LOVE FIFA PLEASE DO THAT MABY YOU GUYS CAN GET MORE MONEY FOR DOING THAT.

  11. I have my Orgin Account for FIFA 14, and when I went on to play this morning, it is telling me that I dont have an Orgin Account? I have never had this problem before. Just today. Which makes no sense.

  12. Madden 25 is the worst madden i ever played in my life. I can play games but when im in a online franchise it doesnt let me and my opponent connect at all it keeps saying “your opponent has left the match” thats bullcrap i never had this problem with any madden prior to this one. EA you guys are stupidg up so bad its not even funny yah put out these video games with all these damn problems it doesnt make sense. ANY SUGGESTIONS ON HOW I CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM CONTACT ME ASAP

  13. I got robbed in Madden 25 ulitmate team over Xbox 360!!!! I got tricked my a group of guys who said they would offer me 2x the coins for players over 95ovr. I was soo excited and they said they were from madden daily the YouTube channel so i told them yes. I traded him multiple cards and waited to receive coins but he later kicked me from the party and that was the end. They stole about 3million coins and I was wondering if their was any way I could get it back , please help!!!!!!

  14. i think that it’s stupid you can’t get online with certain games anymore whats the point in buying ea games if you can’t play them online??????????????

  15. been trying to get in touch with someone that can help me retreive my old account, changed email so you cant send info there old email

  16. in regards to Fight Night Champion it’s a great game I love it and I love the control changes you have made I was a Fight Night Round 3 fan this game is awesome but I have some information that’s vital to you that I will not tell anyone else but you should know please contact me at @ gmail. Com or

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