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  1. I’ve been with earthlink for 15 years and service has deteriorated to the point I cannot use them anymore. Pity really. Everything above is true. The hours long episodes of frustration trying to communicate to someone in India who claims to understand everything, and doesn’t, asserts they will fix it, and can’t, apologizes profusely and insincerely every 5 seconds…it is horrible. Horrible. Put your call centers back in the US. Every person I have dealt with at Comcast spoke English, was pleasant, proficient and didn’t talk out their asses unlike 90% of the employees I’ve dealt with at Earthlink. This is my last stop…I wouldn’t have complained publicly but I found this while searching IN VAIN for a phone number to call Earthlink to cancel my service. Sad.

  2. EarthLink is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. No one speaks English that you can understand. Additionally, none of the phone numbers on work. There are a million numbers listed but no one answers – the line is totally dead.

    I can’t believe how poorly your customers are treated.

    Every time I have to contact EarthLink, I feel like taking a tranquilizer.

    Update: I called the home office number, was transferred to an operator who finally directed me where I needed to be. The research to get there took me over an hour.

    I hope I never have to call EarthLink again.

  3. I received an email about confirming information on my account but when I go to hit reply nothing and I can’t even confirm anything.

  4. I have been with Earthlink for more than 15 years (started with Sprynet, which they bought out). Looks like I too just joined this band wagon. EL has increased my bill that has been stable for years with no notice. They just felt they could start charging my credit card more money without me noticing! Well, I am about to try and get an answer (the first email to the one support contact I used to use bounced). As may have said, this is really sad. And everyone wonders why the US is in financial trouble…

  5. Recently Earthlink deactivated my account on the basis of fraud. The fraudulent activity is a result of my account being “Spoofed” at no fault of my own. I have an email account and I also have a hosting account with earthlink which I do business at I have been an earthlink customer with this same email account for over 15 years. I’ve been trying to contact someone that may have some influence to at least give me access to my very important emails, which I had saved, without any success at all. Or, just separate off my e-commerce account so I can get the information needed to fill orders, if not get my account reactivated. The outsourced personnel are of no help outside of extremely basic questions, and give nothing more that scripted responses. I have been very satisfied with Earthlink for many years, but I must say that I’m extremely disappointed with the handling of this matter to the point that my business, loyalty, and no doubt referral of others is in jeopardy of being driven away.

  6. Please…my email storage is 8% and I am having great difficulty increasing it. I have created files and moved important emails to them. Other current documents must remain available and I have already deleted numerous emails. Could someone please assist me?

  7. My first experieces have been a complete joke.No one knows what the heck is going on over there.Verizon came to set up dsl..but when they knocked on my door they asked if I ordered Verizon..I said no…does it have to do with Earthlink..they said..I don’t know..They cancled my order.When i called to verify that my modem would be here today..I then found out about my order being cancled.That was my 3RD bad experience and I’m just trying to get internet for my laptop.Great…I feel a head ache coming on!:(

  8. I, too, am experiencing the above. I found this page while searching for a number to call to finally cancel my service. I have been with EL for 10 years and they used to be reliable and able to solve problems. Now, it is exactly like the post of 5/22/12 for me, in terms of what happens when I call. And, no matter how many times I tell them that I have already tried all the basic steps since I know them by heart from previous phone calls, they ask the same questions. I have already switched to SureWest and EL gave me this month free to try and keep me- I am uing this month to transfer all my important emails. I really hope it is not going to be as difficult to cancel service as others say, because I want to be done with this nonsense. My ‘net goes down every 6 weeks on average and they never escalate this to the next level immediately despite this record. Nor has an actual tech ever come to my home to really solve the problem. Apparently, they have other priorities than keeping a customer of TEN YEARS. Honestly, I would rather not leave them but it has changed to the point of being untenable.

  9. Well, i just got off the phone with Earthlink and things went smoothly. I got an email notice that my credit card was no longer valid and decided not to responde to the link provided that asked for my credit card number but called the above number and he confirmed my account and said the credit card is valid and the email may have been spam. This took all of five or six minutes after he came on line. It took five minutes on hold before he came on.

  10. I too WAS an earthlink customer. For several years while I was with them their operation was in Chatsworth,CA,USA and in minutes I could reach a person who spoke English and resolved a tech or billing problem quickly. Then came outsourcing to India. A conversation went something like this: “Hello this is Bill, Nancy,Harry, Mary etc. May I get your first and last name please? Thank you for telling me your name. May I ask what your problem is? (I say I cannot get online with my DSL service). Sir, you said you cannot get online with your dsl service, is that correct sir? (Yes I reply). Thank you for telling me that sir. What type of modem do you have sir? (I reply I have a D-Link modem) Sir, you said you have a D-Link modem? (Yes I reply) Thank you for telling me you you have a D-Link modem. May I put you on hold for 2 minutes please sir?, Thank you for letting me put you on hold. (I wait, they return) Thank you for waiting on hold sir….is your modem turned on sir? (Arghh, yes, I reply) Thank you for telling me your modem is turned on sir. What lights do you see….. Thank you for telling me what lights you see. May I put you on hold for 2 more minutes and on and on and on. If after several million questions and apologies and the person has not resolved your problem may I put you on hold so I can transfer you to a more experienced person? (I wait) MORE EXPERIENCED PERSON – May I ask your first and last name please. Thanks you sir. Could you please tell me what is your problem? I redescribe my problem, Thank you sir. How may I help you? Is the power to your modem on? on and on and on it goes. Also I was paying my bill automatically through my credit union and they were double billing me on my credit card. I noticed this and asked for a refund. They claimed we’ll send it to you. They never did so i called and complained. We’ll send it to you. They did not. I talked to several more reps (NOW IN THE PHILLIPINES) and the rep said yes, I see we we you $90.00 we’ll confirm that by letter to you – VERY IMPORTANT HERE: I said no, please send me that statement by email, I’ll wait online until I see your email. uuuuhhhhh OK. I got the email with promise to send my refund. After several weeks no refund was sent. I called to ask it is. We do not owe you a refund i was told. HAH! I have an email that admits you owe me – SILENCE……….. Would you like me to send you a copy? THEY REPLIED NO! I said I want my refund. After much verbal pressure (no cursing) on them I forced them to finally send the refund. NEVER ACCEPT THE PROMISE OF CONFIRMATION BY LETTER IN SEVERAL DAYS. GET IT NOW – BY EMAIL. Some people do not tell the truth. I left and went to another service.

    I have had similar problems with my sattelite service who also outourced to Jane and Thomas ans Samuel and Janet in India. Same songs and dances with them. I gave up their service. I watch what I can catch on the internet HULU etc….

  11. Well Earthlink. looks like you better get it together. Another corporate outsourcing problem. Bet the CEO gets his bonuses for cutting costs. I was just checking pricing to consider moving over from another isp but it looks like I’d better stay where I am. I won’t bother going through all the trouble these people have in order to cancel my service if it’s bad or to get charge issues resolved. No thanks!

  12. I have been trying to resolve an issue I have been charged for since August 2011. I ordered a modem and service that was determined could not be used at our home. I immediately called and cancelled the service and returned the modem to Earthlink facility in N.C. Was charged every month until January while explaining to Earthlink that the service was never installed and never used. As customers, in good faith, we followed their instructions, called customer service- “somewhere in Asia”, received approval (after the fact to return a modem returned months earlier) we explained we no longer had.

    At approximately $ 40.00 per month since August 2011 until January 2012, how many months would an employee at Earthlink wait for refund or even information on account status. Finally recalled “Executive Service Center’ after not hearing anything about my account for over 30 days waiting on supervisory decision. You guys have a real service problem. What happened to customer service. If I had been able to use the service, I would have paid for the service used. I NEVER EVEN GOT TO USE THE SERVICE. What a great way to make money in th U.S.!!! Please come to my restaurant, pay for food I never bring you, and wait for an executive decision for almost a year to get your money back. Peter L. Pelny

  13. I have been with Earthlink for over 12 years. Recently, emails that I send with attachments just seem to vanish and don’t show up in my “sent folder” even though they are received. I spent over 1 and 1/2 hours on live chat with tech services trying to correct this. My tech supoort person sent me through all sorts of steps and then asked me to send a test email. When I asked if I should send it with an attachment, I was told “No”. Apparently, my telling him/her, many times, that the problem was ONLY with emails containing attachments, just didn’t register. After another 15 minutes, I realized that we were just starting the same process over again. When I said any test emails must have attachments, I was told “Please to contact Microsoft!” This is obviously a problem with earthlink, not Microsoft. I want an old-fashioned telephone number that I can call and speak to someone in the Unites States! Hours of wasted time typing and waiting for an answer is ridiculous! Jan

  14. I have had EL for more than eight years, and the service has gone down to the point that I will probably cancell my service. Why do customer service calls have to go to India. These people, in most cases, just read from a script and do not solve your problem. Not to mention, you cannot understand them. I have been on the phone, chat and on the internet to find out what happened to the My Notifier wake up service. I keep getting conflicting reports. This EL service really sucks.

  15. I have been a customer for over 17 years.

    Now I’m told that my modem which is over 10 years old needs to be changed, I said Ok, Ohhhh but no its not ok they want charge me for a new one when they are supposed to give me the service and the equipment to be able to be connected.

    Then they come up with a six month 4. 90 credit for six months and I have to still pay the balance.

    I had been with this guy in I do not where part of the world on the phone and barely understanding him. to finaly him accepted that my system was not working correctly and that I have to pay for the repair.


    I will leave EarthLink and that is a fact.


  16. EarthLink enternet and phone service sucks I too have been a customer for going on 10 years but they have pushed me over the edge. With their unplug , replug ,restart when there is a loud alien noise on my phone and can not keep my connection for more than five minutes. I star 69 them ten times in a row finally got some one who said they would send a ATT guy out he spent the whole day at my house it was the wiring that had nothing to do with me . They call and hang up and when I answer they hang up . It is awful all they kept asking do you have another phone that we could use .I kept saying this is the phone Im paying you for why cant you fix it. So now it sort of working I ask for a credit to my account they laugh . They want a new credit card number because I canceled that one until they give me credit or disconnect me I am to that point. I am sure I will be looking for a new service

  17. Earthlink is a waste of my time they spend 5 minutes marketing to me in perfect English, then they gave me someone whom doesn’t understand or have control over the english language. That person desperately tries to control the conversation and won’t answer a direct question except to tell you they are doing everything they can…and then apologize, hugh. I doesn’t matter what the problem is. I believe this is just a way for Earthlink to market to you when your on hold they know you cannot hang up if you want to get through so they sell, sell, sell,. This should give you all the information you need to choose an internet provider and no the e-mail problem did not get solved, again the support person was busy controlling the conversation to listen or respond to what I the ” PAYING CUSTOMER” was asking for help with. Trust me this is all about marketing and nothing about customer service.

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