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  1. I paid for two subscriptions one being a gift subscription and it was to go to Tricia Khattak, 800 Malibu Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901. and the other to me, Lynette Baker. Instead you are sending both subscriptions to Tricia Khattak. Would you please correct this error and send one to the subscriptions to Lynette Baker, 2527 Buck Lodge Road, Adelphi, MD 20783. Thank you. email address: andrewsbaker@msn.com

    Lynette Baker

  2. Hi there,

    I keep getting a renewal and I have already paid for my subscription and the others on the list. I have one more but she is in transit and does not have a current address until Jan. 2014. Can I still get the discount??

    Please let me know.

    Thank you Joanne Tharpe

    P.S. my account numer is ETG1406006815U13XMU203UE00

  3. I hate your customer service line; my head is about to blow off. Usually 7 minutes before I work my way through the automated system to speak to a live person. Subscribed to the magazine in March of 2015 and took advantage of the FREE “Fresh and Simple” Cookbook. After 3 arduous phone calls, today I started and a call, then hung up after 4 mins., because the computer can never get my first and last names correct regardless of how clearly and slowly I say/spell my names.

    Where is my book????? Keep being told, just a few more weeks, etc.

  4. I did not subscript to your magazine I do not want your magazine please do not send me any morer of your magazines, if you do I will compliant to the bbb in your area, remove me from your list my address is , and if is not enough to notify you online , then I will compliant to the att. general office, you do not have the right to make people accept your business., and yes I called your number but with every thief it did not work. , sincerely, marcha

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