Ebay Powerseller Phone Number


PowerSellers achieved eBay requirements for sales volume, customer satisfaction, policy compliance, and account standing and are rewarded with exclusive benefits to recognize their contributions to the success of the eBay Community!

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3 Replies to “Ebay Powerseller Phone Number”

  1. I agree that eBay totally sucks with this – it says we have a dedicated Powerseller line, and it doesn’t exist. We work our butts off to become Powersellers, and expect some rewards for reaching that status, and there is nothing. I’m tired of talking to people who barely speak English and never understand my problem or request!!!

  2. I had a number but I guess they got tired of answering it & disconnected it. A real support they are! I can’t even bring the home page up. This is the only site I can’t access some update you guys did last night. They don’t even Mass email us to tell us about very High tech Ebay.

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