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  1. I paid for additional years subscription to Ebony as my current subscription was scheduled to expire after April 2014 or 2015 but I just received a duplicate magazine for March 2014 and the extended years are not reflected on the magazine. How can I contact someone in the Customer service Department to get this matter resolved.

  2. I renewed my prescription and at that time it was buy one get one free. I receive my but, the person to get the free one have not gotten one yet. What’s the problem. And it has been paid for.

  3. Do you still have the booklet for the Black colleges available. If so would you be so kind to advise me how to obtain them for the youngstown chapter Boys and Girls Club thanks in advance

  4. WOW!! I have also sent numerous emails in regards to a paid 2 year subscription and am receiving payments notice to continue a subscription that is already paid until December 2014!! No one ever emails back! Also I NEVER received the issue with Tamar Braxton and her new baby and I emailed them about that and NEVER got a response. I think I will be better off reading another magazine Ebony is not worth the stress there is much more positive things I can do with my time then what I am having to email right now!

    Good Luck to everyone else having issues with EBONY magazine! I’m done dealing with there extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND APPRECIATION!!!!

  5. I just need a phone # to contact a live person at Ebony Magazine. The phone #800-999-5954 on the website is incorrect. Please email me the correct customer service #.

    Thank you,


  6. I have not received the subscription magazines that I paid for and having sending messages and letters to the company to no avail. I have even asked that they refund my money if they do not plan to honor the subscription paid. They cashed my check and never responded. The last letter was sent in August and I’m still left with nothing.

  7. I’ve been a subscriber for over 2 years. As of late the last subscription I received was back in July. Have called that number plenty of times and get some person who sounds like he or she could care less. I’m canceling my subscription today and asking for a refund that I paid to renew my subscription. Ebony has gone down hill since Mr. Johnson died and his daughter sold the company.

  8. Assuming that no conservatives read your magazine is short sighted and the kind of polarization you accuse us right wingers of ! Didn’t need to even respond to the supposed boycott by the right,because you risk offending us who do appreciate your magazine. Im just sayin”. Thanks

  9. I mailed a check to you for a 2 year subscription. It was to go to someone in Prison. They have not received it yet. If he isn’t going to get them please refund the money back to me. I am Syrvera Ejiasa–The magazine is to go to Florida.

  10. For two years stright i have sent money orders to renew my subscriptions and i have not received a magazine yet why is it taking so long ?

  11. I mailed a check dated December 3rd, 2012, in the amount of $14.00 for a buy-one-get-one free renewal of my subscription. So far, no magazines. I made two online requests for status and subsequently mailed a copy of my return check in March. Still no acknowledgement of my inquiries or a response. What is going on with this company? Terrible customer service!

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