EBT Card Food Stamps Phone Number


Food Stamps EBT Customer Service Phone Number and Contact Information. Contact EBT Food Stamp Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

SNAP Toll Free information Number – 1-800-221-5689

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  1. My foodstamp card that has my stamps and mt fitap cash MONEY was stolen and the oerson is jason james Prothro. He is my ex finance. He found out becaue of a letter stating i was awarded child support before I left August 1.He got tge the card in the mail and told ne this morning he set the card up after he opened my government personal mail.He put hus personal pen code in as 0525.I was furious.intold him to put it in the mail ASAP. He said he would.He has now used over $200 off tge card.tgere is 76 dollars on it now. Plus he user $100 in foodstamps. Nobody can locate him.i REPORTED it stolen…but tge new card said it would go out in 7 dsys to tge same damn address.I need to talk to a live person please

  2. Is there a way to use ebt card still if lost like type in number or something.

    I need to go tomorrow and i lost my card and can’t wait for a new one.

  3. “Still waiting for answer. What is the phone number for the office for activating EBT card? It is not the number on the card as it is nothing but Customer Service for acct. amounts. Can I talk to a live person?

  4. Good evening. with the food stamp card it is a wonderful way of buying food especially if you are poor or homeless. You can eat in hot food restaurants or go food grocery shopping. But the Government shoul also give two food satmp cards so when the person losses the first card then the also card hidden in his bag or where he or she lives has his or her other card hidden away in his of her paper drawer can get his or her other card-food stamp to continue buying food for an emegency.or emergencies.

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