ECCO is known worldwide for comfortable shoes for men, women, and children. ECCO was founded in Denmark in 1963 and they have grown into a major shoe producer worldwide.

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  1. I purchased 2 pair of shoes in the Woodbury outlet store today. I also purchased 2 pair of shoelaces, one of which was not in the bag. They were ‘waxed round lace black item UPC 825840697407.’

    Can you please mail these missing laces to me, as it would be silly to drive half hour for them. Mail to:

    Moses Ungar, 9 Mariner way, Monsey, NY 10952

  2. Hello Ecco:

    My husband and I purchased several pairs of your shoes. They are great. But recently the pull tie laces on my shoe broke. I returned to the store to purchase new laces but they (TheWalking Store at The Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware) do not sell these laces.they indicated that your company would supply them as part of the shoe warranty. These shoes are about 4 years old but remain in great-condition. On the inside of the tongue is the only identification number I can locate. It is 60045006865966.The color is beige and is similar to Ecco Macia Lo Gtx. I can send yor a photo ifyouprovide a web address to send it to.

    Please contact me at . Thank you very much. 2/08/2013

  3. Posted on my Facebook page tonight:

    Dear Ecco Shoes,

    I have finally surrendered. I adore your shoes; they are just perfect for me…. With one giant exception. Three, THREE pairs of your shoes have disintegrated; two pairs while I was walking in them! The bottoms of the first pair blew out, and I sent them back to you and you did resole them, for a fee and with no explanation, excuse or even ‘sorry about that.’ But they didn’t last long. About a year later, another pair I wore out to lunch with friends began disintegrating when we left the restaurant and by the time I got back to my car (about three blocks), I was barefooted, seriously.

    Here are photos of the latest (and final) pair to go. Two points I find amazing… 1. The tops of the shoes are all in great shape. 2. Each pair blows out at exactly the same time. How on earth did you manage that, to have both shoes in one pair disintegrate at the very same time? That is pretty remarkable – not good, but remarkable.

    I know this begs the question as to why I would continue to buy a product (and not a cheap product at that) when it is clearly defective. Well, they are so damn comfortable! But this is it, the love affair is over. And I officially withdraw my accolades about Eccos.

    A former lover.

  4. This is the second pair of ECCO sandals that have disintegrated. Having pieces of black rubbery material on the floor of friends is most embarrassing These sandals are not inexpensive. I think ECCO should replace them

  5. This past Friday I too had a pair of black ECCO dress shoes I had bought for business wear have large chunks of the soles fall off during a meeting. Left big pieces all over under the table where I was seated. I commented that the shoes certainly were not cheap, and wondered why this was happening. Can anyone give us directions on how we can get this defect taken care of by the manufacturer? Should I expect the same from the brown pair of ECCO dress shoes I own?

    Took a picture of the shoes and the soles, but no way to attach here. The leather uppers remain in great shape. The soles are a mess.

  6. My Ecco boots have become sticky on the soles,and they pick up stones,etc. and are therefore no longer wearable! I was hoping my boots would be a lifelong purchase.The number in the tongue is : 108–540307 41.

  7. I have a pair of ECCO 12100301007 white size 7-7.5. Got them at my local pro shop and wore them once. Got blisters so bad I had to take them off and play barefoot for the last 8 holes!!!

    Wondering if I can get a different size or refund. Did not buy online, and my local pro shop no longer sells ECCO so won’t take them back.

  8. To anyone retailer or wholesaler. My mother is a stroke survivor. The only shoes she can wear are made by Ecco, unfortunately Delta Airline lost the lugguage these shoes were in. I then contacted Ecco and was told theses shoes have been discontinued (1640342P873252). Can anyone help me. I’ve looked for these shoes in LV, TX NY. Can anyone from your company custom make four or five pair for me. Help-Ms. Rogers

  9. Hi I just check this site this morning to locate customer service. The EXACT same thing happened to me. Now looking for a resolution. The poor quality of the souls is extremely disappointing.

  10. several years ago, I purchased a pair of Ecco dress shoes..I rarely, maybe three times a year, wear them, and after about five wearings, the bottoms just disintegrated..I was told to go to the local Nordstrom’s, and my shoes were exchanged with out a problem. After maybe wearing them ten times, probably less, I had the real pleasure of having a three inch by four inch section fell of, followed by other chunks from both shoes in church in the middle of my mother’s funeral mass..To say I am an unhappy customer would be a tremendous understatement. Are your shoes really this poorly made, and what do I do about the defective pair I have?

  11. I have a pair of ECCO Hydomar and the sole and heal are also disintergrating leaving little chucks of black material. The exposed areas of the hell and sole are very sticky and pick up any material walked on such as grass cuttings and misc papers.

  12. Your San Francisco store promised what it could not deliver, first Lawrence a salesman promised that the Helsinki model would not cause blisters. It did. The assisant manager then replaced the black shoes with brown but didn’t tell me that they would discolor making the new shoes look 50 years old. I left the store in stocking feet, leaving the shoes there when no refund was made.

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