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  1. I incorrectly set up the wrong email when I originally set up my account for myself as a parent. I recently downloaded the app and started a new account using the correct email, not realizing what I had done. I hadn’t used the app since September, 2017, and now I have two accounts. My original account seems to work, but it has the incorrect account and now both accounts seem to be confused. My original email attached was @Hotmail.ca and I tried to correct it in the settings to the correct email of @Hotmail.com, but because I started a new account with that email, it says its already been used:( However, the new account has not be set up to connect to my son. I can not figure out how to ‘go back’ and deactivate the new account so that I can amend the email in the active account. Please help asap as I need to get connected to my sons class1!

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