Eee PC from Asus is big computing in a small space. The Eee PC line is connected and fast.

Eee PC (Asus) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
800 Corporate Way,
Fremont, CA 94539
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-739-3777
Fax Number: 1-510-608-4555

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3 Replies to “EeePC”

  1. I will not buy another ASUS product. It cost me $90 to ship and insure a defective computer back to them, per their requirements. Two weeks later and no word from them on the status. I call and find out they did not even check the computer into the repair center until about a week after they received it (I tracked it UPS, shipped 6/1, received 6/7, but not checked in until 6/12, I called for status on 6/20). When I call for status, I was told they had no info on when it would be fixed or shipped back. I asked for a supervisor or for them to research the matter and get back to me, they refused saying they had no contact numbers as they were located in the Caribbean and the service center is in California. In short they said they can only read back what is in their customer service computers and are unable to provide the customer with any kind of meaningful support.

  2. I have an Asus sadly. I cannot figure it out. I cannot find out what the two lines at the top do. Yes, I can see nmbers on the line beginging one and can understand the symbols. but the line above is a mystery. I need more brightness especially at the top of the

    explorer page so I can see what to cancel, etc.

    How to I access a site to explain both of these problems. I am very frustrated and so sorry I bought this thing. I

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