eHarmony is the #1 Trusted Relationship Services Provider in the USA. eHarmony?s patented Compatibility Matching System? allows eHarmony members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship. Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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  1. I

    After signing up and seeing all the items you need to upgrade or not ad, I wish to cancel my subscription for the one month I subscribed for. Please cancel my subscription immediately. I just now signed up but I do not want to participate in

  2. E-harmony is a scam. A few years back I was online and they were a good company back then, so I decided to try them again once I became single again. The profile they had set for me was exactly the same as I had a few years back. I could not change my settings at all. I had moved in those recent years so now all my matches were close to 300 miles away. When you E-MAIL to cancel they do not respond. There is no way to contact them by e-mail. Please, do not do what I did. Call customer service and INSIST upon a cancellation e-mail ( so you have something to fight the credit card charge with)…. My credit card company would not refund the money because I had no proof at the time.


  3. Hi I keep getting sent emails off you and I did not want them I tryed the 3 day trial and I still seem to be joined could you please stop sending me emails and delete me from the site

  4. After a number of years, I was contacted by eHarmony and was offered a free, 3 day trial membership. After my allotted time was up, I was surprised to still be getting messages from some women who wanted me to answer a certain group of questions in an area. This went on for several days and was also hit with a plea to join eHarmony.

    I then had my account closed and was given 3 “possibilities” for having my account closed. These 3 reasons were:

    Member is married (not legally divorced)[I was married and have been legally divorced for 12 yrs. (We lost a child, and 94% of couples who lose a child end up divorced). BUT we are still on very friendly terms].

    • Member’s personal information does not coincide with information listed in public record [Being an extremely honest person, I don’t know nor do I know what public records eHarmony could possibly be referring to. They refused to tell me].

    • Member’s behavior violated eHarmony’s Terms and Conditions of Service [I don’t know what eHamony could be referring to, because they have a system set up so they refuse to tell the person why their membership was terminated. That is a new one on me. It’s tantamount to being fired from a job for no reason at all. eHarmony is really a very unique loser].

  5. I actually believe in E-Harmony, I met my girl friend in July, we fell in love and we plan to be married in February. The only problem with E-Harmony is that I stated one hundred miles away and so did my girl friend and we live in Ohio and Texas but I am not mad about it. She is what I needed after being a widower for four years and her a widow for nine years. I say thank you E-Harmony for allowing me to use your services. I wish that E-Harmony would have their service telephone number within the confines of the web page where we make contacts. I don’t want to be billed for more than my original price. Other than that, I like the site and am very satisfied. I am 78 years old and have tried other dating sites and all that I got was stuck up women.

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