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  1. I bought an Element TV the people turn red and so did the screen I been calling them for over a week can’t seem to get any help,from anyone put u on hold for an hour, I don’t understand why everyone is having problem with Element TV’s and they won’t talk to u and try an solve the problem can u just please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I bought the tv and I can’t get it working. I have the three connectors ( called the good connection) and It has red white and yellow. How are these correctly connected? This connection is to be used for my vcr. I called the number listed but was put on hold for so long I gave up. Also I got the menu and did what I was asked but still have no audio and no picture! True my vcr and other tv are old but this new set is a puzzle. PLEASE respond.

  3. My model number does not show on their site either. I have called 4 times so far and all 4 times wait on hold for 15+ minutes then get sent right to a voicemail box that just said leave a message and they will get back to me. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that because I sent a couple emails asking for assistance and have yet to hear back on those a couple days later. 🙁 Poor Customer Service!!

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