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  1. I got my grand daughter a M/N ELEFW231, 23″ TV for Christmas and on the Auto Tune serch it only picked channels 1-20 and 70 & 71. I can’t get it to accept channels 21 thru 69. We have 3 other digital tv’s in the house on our cable system and they all work fine.

    It has a great picture and I’m sure I’m not doing something correctly. Can you give me an idea of what to try next? Thanks,

  2. I am getting the run around. I bought a T.V from Target it quit just a few times watching it. Found out it is on recall after the customer care person said I was to ship it to them on my dime very rude. She was not going to tell me it was on recall. Had to ask for a manager. Well they were going to send parts have not seen them yet. I have been calling and calling been on hold for half hour at a time. Left many messages no call back What’s going on?

  3. Where is your customer support telephone number Element Electronics? How do I switch the audio output fron the RV Speakes to my surround system?

  4. I have a 50 inch and only had it for 8 months and the sreen went black. I’ve been trying to call customer services after holding for 30 mins and leaving my name and no one has call back. I’m very unhappy with their services.

  5. I purchased a element TV 19 inch with a two year warranty plan & the warranty number they gave me never pick up. This number… 18669686391. But I have my recipe from when I bought the TV from wal mart but after 90 days I have to call that number they say. The screen just went kind of statically & I was trying to return it for my money back.

  6. I’ve been trying to order a power cord for my tv for three days now. Customer Service numbers are either busy or out of order. Terrible experience with this company.

  7. I tried hooking up my laptop to watch movies and all I get is a blue screen. How can I fix this so I can watch movies? ELEFW327 HDTV 32inch.

  8. I just bought a led tv that the shotty element company manufactured and the picture just looks like sh0t. I wanna know why when I have it hooked up to my computer and am watching movies this thing it looks like shot when I am using a HDMI cable as far as I’m concerned my old analog TV’s picture looks better then this POS I’m gonna return to walmart. I use to have a 50 plazma made by LG and the picture on it was excellent compared to this POS when streaming moving from the pc to the tv, I mean jease this tv is just junk it has shades on the faces of people during the daytime and night it don’t matter if the people are black or white the picture just looks like sh0t. the refresh rate is 60hz but still my plasma was too and it held right up with my computer graphics card this stupid POS element is just garbage…

  9. we bought our element tv and it was barely two years old when we started having problems with it. it was fine as long as it was turned on but when it was turned off, we had problems getting it to turn back on and when we called customer service, they told us there was nothing they could do about it because we didn’t purchase the additional warranty. Now when we finally decided to have the tv fixed, were told element no longer makes the part for our model.

  10. Just got a Christmas Gift December 2014 and has not even been a complete 4 months and already it is messing up, and heard that it is on RECALL, but company is wanting us to pay for their FAULTY ELECTRONIC Equipment Returns. Our Christmas Gift a 48′ ELEMENT TV Flat Screen has gone bad, and has had DISTORTED and MUFFLED SOUND SYSTEM, PLEASE HELP!

  11. This company does not respect any guarantee’s. I sent my television good packing ready to be sent. A friend of mine from the warehouse told me that they don’t care when the television arrive they just throw them away saying they came in broken. They do not want to pay a single guarantee. They do not respect the televisions they just toss them around damaging them. I wouldn’t buy a single product from this company. If they didn’t pay mine they wont pay yours. the television is cheap. They had thousands coming in because they had bad screen panels. This is coming from my experience.

  12. My 50 inch flat screen I bought about 5 months ago has a problem in the picture if the people have dark clothing on and its suppose to be night or getting dark the people or scenery becomes very fuzzy like like a bad xray or something that’s the only way I know to describe it its done this since I bought it I have tried cleaning the screen but no help. if its like daylight or what ever the picture is great so is the color any idea why

  13. My 40 inch element tv shuts itself off while watching it .some times it stays on 15 minutes to an hour before shutting off Just randomly cuts off

  14. I need help, technical support, I cannot seem to get the right number for customer service me phone number is please call me

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