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The Elizabethan Classics collection provides everything you need to complete the kitchen or bath of your dreams. Classic cast iron clawfoot tubs, acrylic clawfoot tubs, bath faucets, Victorian-style water closets, pedestal lavatories and console lavatories ? all inspired by the days when style was warm, comfortable and appealing with just a flourish of understated sophistication. Old-world charm with contemporary function.

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  1. My turn to give a good rating, but my story is very weird. I’ve been trying to get replacement cartridges for an Elizabethan Classics claw foot tub faucet that I bought from Faucets.com 10 years ago. They tried to identify the part number (it had all changed due to the passage of time) and referred me to Your Other Warehouse to try to obtain it. Turned out the part was out of stock for several months. Tried again a few weeks ago and the part was back in stock, but YOW wouldn’t sent it to me (they deal with vendors) unless it was a warranty claim. They said they’d check and get back to me. So then I didn’t hear anythibng and tried Faucet.com again. A great service rep there, Debbi DePalma, found this number for me. When I called, I reached the same woman from YOW who had helped me, LaQuellis McGee! At that point, LaQuellis said she’d ship the cartridges to me, no charge,and sure enough they arrived promptly…from YOW! Not sure how it all goes together, but ask for LaQuellis and you might get good service.

  2. After reading the aforementioned comments I hope I have an experience such as Matt. My problematic issue? All five valves (“Filler” hot/cold and handshower diverter valves and the “Freestanding” hot/cold “Stop”) have failed; and the “Filler” body where the “Gooseneck” threads has a hairline crack. Drip, Drip, Dirp!!!

    As far a EC product? I do believe it’s JUNK . . . does anyone know if EC is manufactured in China? As far as the Customer Service: a minus for the webpage down, however, I’m hopeful that the phone number will provide satisfaction.

  3. Had a long conversation with the customer service rep, tey only sell through HD now so parts are scarce. You have to get the part # from their technical service and then have HD order it for you.

  4. If I could give this company (EC) minus stars, I would at this point. I have been trying to get replacement cartridges for a faucet assembly which is still in their catalog for over one month at this time. I purchased it from the Home Depot, whose plumber informed me that this vendor won’t take their calls on replacement parts. I called the 1-800-367-4624 number and spoke to someone, however courteous, who refuses to put me directly in touch with an actual technical person. They offer no customer service as a policy, and a replacement assembly will cost dearly. It’s very sad, being that the actual product is exactly what we wanted and simply needs a necessary consumable part. I would highly recommend not purchasing anything from these folks. No after-market consumable parts are temporary situation and we all need our bathrooms to work indefinitely.

  5. I called the customer service number (1-800-367-4624) emailed picture of the parts that failed to the agent I spoke to on the phone the parts that failed were the hot water ceramic stem and the diverter cartridge. After my picture was received the warranty was processed and new stems and diverter cartridge will be shipped out in 1-2 business days.

  6. Sorry to disagree with the others here. I did a search for this company’s customer service phone number and this page came up because of “Very frustrated customer’s” post below (1-800-367-4624). I called it expecting a disappointing experience but found the exact opposite. The woman who answered the phone was very helpful and courteous. She asked how long I had owned the faucet and what model it was. I gave her the info. Since I didn’t have the original receipt I sent her an email with a picture of the faucet.

    She stated that she would be back to me within 48 hours. Sure enough, I got an email from her 2 days later stating that they had shipped my part (a stuck diverter valve) and provided the tracking number. I got it in short order and just installed it without any issues.

    I’ve experienced a lot of poor customer service in my time, but this was far and away one of the better experiences that I’ve had.

  7. Bought a four hundred dollar faucet got it installed by a licensed Plummer used it maybe six times and it started to leak call where we lurched it after finding mfg web paged down gave us a number to call after several tries called waited 3 months to get part put in new valve still spaying water looked again see now that there was some corerossion the mane body of it was cracked called several times with no result so the review is 0000000

  8. My junk faucet for my claw foot tub keeps eating little rubber seals. Guess what, back when I could get parts they lasted about 2 weeks and I had to buy the 35 dollar complete valve. Looks like you cant even get those now.

  9. If I could give Elizabethan Classics (EC) zero stars I would at this point. I have been trying to get a replacement cartridge for a 5 year old faucet for some time. I have called the 800 number, the seller from whom I purchased (faucets.com) has also tried to reach EC on my behalf. In both instances we were assured someone would call me. It has been 3 weeks since I started this search and no return calls. EC’s website is under construction and lists no contact info, so that is of zero help. In the future I will purchase only brands that on would have a reasonable expectation that repair parts will be reasonably available

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