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ELLE is the ultimate fashion resource for the fashion insider. Discover the latest hairstyles from the runway to the street. With a behind-the-scenes, how-to take on the fashion industry, ELLE experts are the people to trust for fashion news and inspiration. Our fashion and beauty coverage offers convenience and helps you define, update, and celebrate your personal style. Check out the latest hairstyle trends and fashion tips each week.

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100 Replies to “ELLE Magazine”

  1. I cannot stand elle., I thought I was going to get Elle Decor instead I get this stupid Elle. please cancel Now. Clare Asbury

  2. Do not send me this magazine.I did not ask for it Annd i do not want.STOP!

    Husna Wright,5 champlain circle,Dorchester Ma02124,I am not going to pay you because i did not ask for it.

  3. i have read a lot of bad reviews on cancelling Elle magazine. I found the customer service number quickly on yahoo. I definitely had no problems cancelling my subscription. took less than 2 minutes.

  4. AVOID this company. They send you mail … and mail … and mail … and subscriptions … and subscriptions, destroying trees. In addition, they DO NOT unsubscribe you, but merely forward your name to other scamming companies. BEWARE. Buy at your own risk!

  5. Cancel my subscription. A scam company (Magazine Rewards)has listed Elle magazine as one of many subscriptions offered. I have reported this Magazine Rewards and the company agreed to cancel my Elle order. I owe nothing according to “Magazine Rewards.” However, I must be sure that this is cancelled as Elle does not cancel directly but rather through their “agent.” Iassume that “agent refers to Magazine Rewards.

  6. I have received a termination letter & my subscription doesnt end until April 2013….WTF,cant find a customer service # I have already paid for this crap once very unhappy!!!!!!

  7. I purchased a subscription which said delivery in 4-6 week they sent me Two months back issues and counted towards my ‘new’ subscription. I had to call this number after trying all three option for contact on their customer service loire to ask them to credit my account. I’m sure 90% of folks don’t do this and they get rid of back issues this way!!!

  8. I never checked off box to order subcription but only entered the $100,000 sweepstakes.

    I am bipolar living on SSDI & small pension so have to budget to pay for my bills & I have two boys to also take care of so even though your magazine looks hot I have to budget my money so that my income covers all the important bills to survive first and foremost-shelter, food, water, electricity, gas, household supplies, etc. I wisth that I can subscribe to Elle because it has interesting information and being that I used to sew and model, I am interested in the fashions, accessories, etc. If I had more money I may consider buying your mmagazine. Mahalo for your consideration and cooperation on this matter.

    Note: I have also called the 1-800 number and have sent you your invoice back with the request for cancellation and the reason.

    Luv & kisses,

    Cheryl S. Nakagawa

  9. I want you to issue me a credit as I have not ordered your Magazine Elle. Looking over my bank statement and I was charged for Elle Magazine and I did not order it. I want a credit. Thank you.

  10. Please stop sending me invoice notices, I did not order the magazine and I have tried to cancel but it only says: Your current order is not eligible for cancellation. I really do not have money to pay for it.

  11. I need to know customer service

    phone number for elle. Can you give me?? I looked in everywhere and did not find it.

  12. I need to know customer service

    phone number for elle. Can you give me?? I looked in everywhere and did not find it.

  13. I have been with Elle for many years, however when i have my mail forwarded to Fl.I do not receive these issues. I have paid and keep getting renewal notices!!! If this practice continues I will have no other option but to cancel. I also have inquired at the PO

    they indicated that I contact Elle. I am frustrated and need for someone to contact me

    however, there phone lines are constantly busy!!!


  15. Please cancel my subscription as well. It says my “current order not eligible for cancellation”. Well I AM cancelling. I did not want this subscription and you will not be getting any payments from me. Don’t bother sending any more payment notices.

  16. I want to cancel my subscription to Elle. It was mailed through a sweepstakes scam. Thank you. Madeline Kenefic, 2a Nunnawauk Mdws., Newtown, ct. 06070/

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