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ELLE is the ultimate fashion resource for the fashion insider. Discover the latest hairstyles from the runway to the street. With a behind-the-scenes, how-to take on the fashion industry, ELLE experts are the people to trust for fashion news and inspiration. Our fashion and beauty coverage offers convenience and helps you define, update, and celebrate your personal style. Check out the latest hairstyle trends and fashion tips each week.

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100 Replies to “ELLE Magazine”

  1. Tried to cancel ELLE magazine that keeps coming to my address to someone who does not live here. Have not been able to cancel.

  2. I have canceled my subscription because I cannot support any magazine that will support a women who can support Donald Trump, a womanizer and abuser of women. Ainsley Earhardt has made her mark because she supports an all around disgusting human being. No matter who she voted for, she publicly supports Donald Trump.

  3. I agree with the comments made by A.L. I logged on an email I received in order to get a complimentary copy of ELLE. I haven’t received the copy yet,but I got the invoice. I have been trying to cancel the subscription on line;however I keep getting bounced around to other sites. I can’t even get into the actual payELLE website;what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have time to waste with this BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is horrible! I want to cancel my magazine subscription but there is no opt in cancelling it! The cancel subscription section link links me to this website for customer service. Which doesnt work! Dam this! I hate how the magazines keep auto transact from my bank account! And when I want to cancel sub it seems there is no way I can do tht instead keep paying!

  5. I signed up for a sweepstakes and you sent me a magazine and two invoice letters. I didn’t order the magazine, so you can stop wasting paper and sending me bills that I’m not going to pay for.

  6. Started to get Elle magazine in the mail and I never subscribed to it. I do not like this magazine and do not want it. Please cancel the subscription Tried looking for a customer service phone number in the magazine and could not find one. This seems like a scam. I never entered any sweepstakes either and better not get a bill for this.

  7. I think Melissa McCarthy looks excellent in the trenchcoat cover shoot. I hope that is the magazine cover I receive in the mail, otherwise I will be very upset. I am not interested in either of the other two girls. It is finally time that you did a cover of a woman that is not an unrealistic skinny-mini. I believe that Ms. McCarthy is not only a talented actress and a kind individual but a loving wife and mother!!

  8. To whom it may concern,

    To some the thought of changing a name may be abhorrent, but to me I would like to change my name to the hyphenated name from my marriage. I and my husband tried to find a place to do such in the account manager, but I don’t think it stayed. Please let me know how one changes their name with your on-line manager.



  9. I do not want this magazine I hate it and do not wear there advertised products . Please cancel this magazine . I’m to old I just throw it the garbage .. Madelaine Cazel I did not order your magazine please stop sending it .

  10. Stop Sending me Threatening Credit Collection Notices for Elle

    I Never do automatic Anything

    My subscription runs out Oct 2014.

    I will report you to Better Business

    I will cancel my subscription

    Acknowledge that you comprehend this message

  11. I received a subscription in the mail for a 2 year subscription for $6.00 for 2 years and a free handbag I’ve been trying to d this in the internet but it is hard to find a place to do this on your website. in fact it was hard getting to this website to make a comment. does this offer still stand? if so how would I get it to go through on the internet?

  12. Is your magazine so desperate to push the magazine that you automatically subscribe unsuspecting people to subscriptions they did not request. From all the comments, I realized that I have many others who, like me, just wanted to enter the sweepstakes. I expect you to cancel this non-requested subscription and rethink your shady business practices. I don’t want the magazine and I will not pay for something I did not request.

  13. The same thing happened to me and I also do not want the magazine. There is a number to contact customer service to cancel the subscription that you did not request. 1-800-876-5775. I will be calling them.

  14. Its funny how all the people entering the sweepstakes are getting magazines. I paid for my subscription in Feb 2013 and cant seem to get a magazine sent to me at all.


  16. well once i found the the 800 number it wasnt a problem at all, you always don’t want

    to email or make payments online, its always good to take the a LIVE person,


  17. I signed up for a sweepstakes and they automatically signed me up for their magazine. I will not pay for it if they send it.

    Their so-called automatic cancellation system is so called out of order. what a lie that is

  18. I signed up in a sweepstakes. I do not want to order the Elle magazine. If they mail it I will not pay for it. After I signed up for the sweepstakes then it sounded as if they would bill me for a magazine.


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