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  1. the hdmi in my Emerson lc260em2 quit working and the the “tech support”tried to get me help with my computer issues….this is bullcrap…i have had this t.v less than 2 years and now i am paying for cable channels i can not watch…so now i have to heck around with the cable company to adjust my cable AGAIN…..

  2. They have had My tv for 4 months and I did buy the manufacturers warranty. I have called the warranty company And they have been trying to contact Emerson with no response. That’s the last time I buy a Emerson.They treat the customers like crap.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. called about my TV from Walmarts I bought it in April 2015 and they wont cover the repairs they claim its my fault there TV isn’t working I get snow and its on there TV that is broken the connection on the back is defective and they wont cover the repairs don’t by an Emerson or deal with there company.

  4. I bought an Emerson 7in em748 tablet. I have had nothing but problems with the tablet. It will say its charged 100 percent and then when I unplug it , it shuts off and says the battery is dead. I can’t transfer any of my applications to my external sd card. Once in a while the tablet starts to make strange noises and white lines come across the screen and then it shuts off and says the battery is dead. I have only had this tablet for 2weeks and this is really a big disappointment.

  5. hello their I had a defective microwave I year ago it kept going on by its self then one night it went on and did not shut off it caught fire and I almost lost my apartment I have the model # and such, is their anyway you can reinburst me before I call my laywer.

  6. Customer service reps and supervisors are rude and like to hang up on me. Keep giving me the run around with my sons tablet. This tablet got so hot it burnt his hand and the manager wouldnt do anything said he could not give me corporates number he didnt even work for emerson. I am filing a report with the FTC tomorrow. Please anyone I urge you to join me so we can make this company acknowledge their mistakes. The number to the FTC is 202-326-2222. Lets make a difference and speak up.

  7. I have sent a service call out for you to come replace my tv with a better product. Your company can afford to make this right. You should be ashamed to make the decision to sell this product(LF391EM4F). I’m not asking for a repair, I want it replaced. Please give a little notice when you come to pick it up. I work for a living, televisions should not be considered as disposable like say, a Bic lighter. Yea,yea, its out of warranty. Give me a reason to trust the company and it’s products. Tomorrow will work for me, be home all day.

  8. We purchased a 46 inch television from Walmart in March 6,2015 before 6 months had passed our television sound quit and our picture lost color. We went back to Walmart and was told about the 90 day policy so it was nothing they could do and I should call Emerson for help. I have purchased Emerson’s products before and never had a problem like this. Goodbye to buying Emerson and shopping for electrics at Walmart.

  9. My Emerson microwave, (which I have had for less than two years and have not used a whole lot) just caught on fire. It started out making this awful sound or else I would not have noticed it. I am absolutely disgusted with this company, as this is not the first product purchased from them. As some of the other reviews on here, I am having a difficult time finding their customer support information.

  10. Been waiting a year for a replacement tv.Theyoffered a buy out but sent a check for $101. 85 for a 32″ flat screen. DDidn’t cash it. Told to void it. Now they have $ and tv. A year?? Very poor customer service

  11. Yes.i bought a 20’emerson tv.6mo.ago.i had a hip replaced.and on disability.and I saved for it.well now it is dead.nothing extra was added.can get help pls.wal-mart does nothing.thank u.

  12. Haven’t even had our tv for a year. Cant fInd our receipt so Emerson won’t replace it. We’ve been calling every day for about 3 weeks and cant get anywhere and they keel saying supervisor will call and no one ever calls.

  13. Bought Emerson TV from Wal-Mart….have not had it a year….just stop working while watching…went black….I will NEVER BUY ANOTHET EMERSON TV…..pass this message on….hope nobody buys this product….bad for business!!!!!!

  14. I bought a 46″ LED HDTV on May 28, 2014 at the Super Walmart, both wrong moves! I watched tv Sunday morning prior to going out for the day, when I returned home my tv would not turn on? After trying several suggestions from online I called Walmart customrer service and they said bring in the receipt they would get the process started. Ulimately because it was less than 1 yr my extended service did not kick in so I called Emerson customer service. They were happy to in form me they would pay for all parts but I was responsible for all labor, after 8 months? So after a 4 day run around with Walmart, I now am waiting 5 to 10 days without my tv and $165.00 labor charge. I will never purchase an Emerson product again, so please check all service plans before buying electronics. It will be 2 weeks without my tv because of a terrible service plan/policy

  15. We have had our 32″ Emerson flat screen for 2 years, it was manufactured in September of 2012. We use it 3 months of the year, approximately 90 hours in total, and it is gone. Purchased at Walmart. It wouldn’t turn on, when checked the fuse was blown. The repair man said they are known for bad screens and that would have blown the fuse, and there is no repair that can be done. He stated that he has found dozens of the Emerson T.V.s

    like that.

  16. Brought emerson 50 inch tv on black Friday for $298,thought what a deal !! NOT the sound went out and Wal-Mart wont let you return it after 90 days. Guess it wasn’t a deal after all . Never again if the company wont back up their product, will pick better company next time ,who will stand behind their product .

  17. Have been waiting on getting my tv replaced. Been weeks since I watched tv. Poor customer service still waiting on a supervisor to call me back been a week. I would give -0 stars to this company. Haven’t had tv a good year.

  18. Brought a Emerson 32″ TV from Walmart on 11/23/2013 black Friday. After two years there’s no picture only sound. I called Walmart the representative told me to go to Emerson.com and scroll down to contact. This website has nothing to do with Emerson TV’s. I am very disappointed at the way Walmart is handling this situation. I have never had any problem getting in contact or help at any other stores. I will report this to better business.

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