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  1. I bought my wife a Emerson 7inch tablet and it stopped working in one month. She took very good care of it and never dropped or missed use it. called Emerson company and they sent me to some body from India who did not know or care about computers. Emerson did not give me any good customer relations or even offer to fix the computer or send a new one. I will never buy Emerson again.

  2. I have a Emerson 7 inch tablet that I have charged all night and it only has a 29% charge. How can i get it to charge to 100%?

  3. My new Emerson 7′ Internet Tablet seemed to work fine the first time I turned it on. The second time, a figure, looking somewhat like a robot overlain by an orange triangle containing an exclamation point appeared on the screen. After a fairly short time, the screen goes blank black, and nothing can be done with it. Any suggestions? Incidentally, this is the second one I’ve had, as I returned the first one for the same reason.

  4. bought a emerson ice maker in aug 2011 and it quit working a lil over a yr later. bought another one in feb 2012 . I loved it so much I bought my friend one for her birthday in may 2012. both of mine just stopped working… lasted about a yr or so each. my friends is still going so far. loved that lil machine but their is something wrong with them only lasting a yr………..

  5. Bought $2500 of Closetmaid Impressions closet organizers. the formaldehyde content was 3 times legal levels. Been trying for a refund from Home Depot for 5 months.

  6. I purchased a small Emerson for a spare bedroom less than a year ago. It’s only been used a few times and today a guest who is visiting turned on the TV and there is no sound! I checked the manual and there is nothing wrong with the set, the sound just stopped working.

    By following the above comments, I too believe I purchased a crappy product. This is the first Emerson I ever purchased and will not purchase another.

  7. Bought a beautiful red microwave in dec.2012,it is now sept.2014 and it no longer works. Strangely this appliance is not used all that much,but I went to use it in August 2014 and it looked like 4th of July . Has this product had any known defects?

  8. Emerson use to be a name one could trust. Our family had one of every thing labeled Emerson. Some things like radios & TV’s were two. Two to three months ago bought a phone for our land line. We did not keep anything due the fact, we trusted that it was to last. NO box no receipt = no refund from anyone. Another Name brand company

    gone GLOBAL down the tubes.

  9. I purchased a 32″ Emerson TV, it worked for six months. I contacted Emerson electronics, and they took no responsibility for their product, because it was pass 90 days old:” what kind of crap is that”? So people beware of EMERSON electrical products ,unless you can afford to replace your product every 90 days

  10. i have an emerson 42 iinch tv. its 15 months old, just went out. should have lasted longer, yet no one wants to help do anything about it. i wont buy another emerson product and will be sure ti tell friends and family not to.

  11. I Bought An Emerson GoClean Vacuum Model GC200 At Home Depot. This is The Best Small Vacuum That I Have Ever Used, Hands Down. So What Is My Dis-Satisfaction? I Can Not Get A Replacement Filter. I Have Tried The Emerson First By Phone; 300 Minutes Worth Of Hold Time. I Have Left Over 8 Call Back Messages. I Have Pushed 2 Then 7 Then 9 Then 0 Until I Realized I Could Get Better Results Using The Numbers For A Lotto Game.

    Evidently Emerson Has Discontinued All Support For This Product. I Would Be Very Happy With A Replacement Number For A Filter Or Some Way Of Finding The Manufacturer Of The Filter. The Exact Size Is A No Frills Special Edges Or Special Conical Fluted Ended Filter. The Filter Is Just A 5.125″ W x 3.125″ H x 0.75″ Outside To Inside Thick. Metric Dimensions = 130 x 79 x 19.

    Thanks To All For Reading


  12. Hello,

    I have a 40″ Emerson HDTV. The remote will not change the input for using my DVD and would like to repair or replace the remote control. Where do I find help .

    Thank You,


  13. I bought an emerson 32″ tv and had it 4 months before it went out. Shipped it to the emerson service center. They said it would be replaced in 10-15 working days after they received the old one. Such a pain. I will not buy another emerson product again. Have not heard anything from them, no phone call not even an e mail. If I don’t hear anything from them by the end of the month I am going to contact the better business bureau.

  14. I Have A Emerson Table Model :EM 744FCC ID:AAQZMID727A_RK26 BN 080300203301 It Come On An Go Right Back Out And I Can’t Turn It OfF And The Little Time It Is On It’s In Spanish. Please Help Me Been Working With This Thing About Six hours

  15. bought the 50″ Emerson t.v. black Friday of 2013. was a great buy until 4 months later when the t.v. would not turn on. Warentee was still active, so called the company which in turn they sent a repair man 2 weeks later. the repair man was unable to make my t.v. work after changing everything inside the unit. now 1 month after that i am still fighting with them to do something about the t.v.. I do not recommend buying an Emerson at any cost. take a few extra bucks and buy a Vizio.

  16. I bought a 50 inch, flat screen Emerson TV 3 years ago and it just stopped working. It turned on and immediately turned off. I called my cable provider and a technician came. He determined that the problem was the TV and not the cable. I went on line to Emerson Customer Service and described my problem to a “technician”. I couldn’t receive assistance until I paid a fee for the service. I paid $90 for the visit from the cable provider and I don’t intend to spend any more money on this TV. I’ve seen this very problem described by others with a flat screen, 50 inch Emerson TV so it must be a defect in the television. I will never purchase another Emerson TV .

  17. I purchased an Emerson microwave MWG9115SB 3 years ago and it’s been nothing but trouble. First inside door jamb ceramic has started to rust then the handle broke at bottom connection now it broke completely off. Never again

  18. Emerson TV’s are trash! I purchased one from Wal-Mart and it just quit working”black screen?” Won’t turn on… Nothing! Only had it a year… Placing this 55″ out with the trash! Never again!!!!

  19. 11/11/2016 I also have an emerson microwave thats 3 years old. Recently it has been blowing fuses.In a separate issue The door is closed and it starts running too! We are very disappointed with this product.

  20. I need to talk to someone, I went to clean the TV screen and the inside broke, had tv for almost 2 years, it’s a 50 in flat TV Emerson, I don’t know who to call, I see a lot of people are up set with this company. This was a gift

  21. I have not had my Emerson TV a year and its changing from one setting to another by itself, volume up and down by itself and now I have no volume at all. Remote will not do anything for it. I am now keeping it unplugged so it does not burn my house down. I am very disappointed with this TV and do not plan on ever purchasing another Emerson product again. I am going to throw in trash dumpster because I will just be wasting my time to call them. If they can live with the fact that they are selling faulty badly built products to people then I can live without it you reap what you sow and some day they will pay the repercussions.

  22. I was given an Emerson Automatic Wine Opener as a gift. I just tried to use it and it did get the cork out of the bottle but now I cannot get the cork out of the auto wine opener. I am pushing the right button as I have read the instructions several times. The auto screw just goes round and round but the cork stays inside the auto wine opener and I do not know what to do to get it to come out. Help!

  23. The Emerson tv that I purchased was a very very bad product. I purchased the TV at Walmart in Georgia and it is less than a year old. The tv started flashing a red light and it never can back on, I tried to get it repaired and it would cost over $300.00 to repair it. The time and money are not worth getting this tv repaired.. As I mentioned before, based on my experience it is not a good product. We will throw the TV away because we can not get a refund from walmart. I am very unhappy and can not believed that Walmart will selling such a bad product to their consumers.

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