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  1. My LC320EM2 just quit working. It has a date of Oct 2011. For what I paid for this tv, it should last longer than 2 years. I work out of town and this tv didn’t actually have a lot of hours on it. There must be a defect. Thanks for your help.

  2. I have been looking for a base for an Emerson LC32OEM2. I want the one that comes with the tv. Nursing home threw original one away and I have looked for a replacement without any luck. I figured that if anyone had it….it would be you.

    thank you….anxiously waiting for a base stand.

    Darlene Sakovich

  3. I also purchase a Emerson TV a Christmas time, only to take it home and hook it up to our dish network. What we discovered is that we have to utilize two remotes to work the TV (the one that came with TV for on/off and volume change and the Dish remote to change channels). This is because the TV was not programed to pair any other remote, such as dish, Comcast, etc. In this world of technology ALL TV should be programed for pairing with other systems.

  4. I need help hooking up my DVD to my t.v.the manual is very hard to understand and sketchy to say the least.My cables have a red white and yellow cable on the TV there is red whit and orange which I think is the yellow.model LF320EM4 A

  5. we bought a 46 inch led tv from emerson 2 yrs ago and the damn thing just quit working , there is only a year warranty on them aand it should be for at least 3 yrs, very upset

  6. I bought me a 55′ flat screen LCD Emerson a year ago now the remote won’t work to cut on the tv I never had a tv to do that to me in my life time and I’m 50 years old I won’t be buying another Emerson they won’t even send me another remote I got to buy it not me they won’t see a other dollar out of me NO STARS for me

  7. we bought our Emerson HDML 50″ dolby digital tv at Christmas and have not been happy at ALL for some strange reason it freezes up when you try and turn the channels and then it just jumps back to a random channel for example when I am on channel 69 and going up it will freeze =go black and sit for few minutes then finally jumps back to channel 8 or channel 3. No rhyme or reason. My sister & my mother both bought the same TV at Christmas when Me & my Husband bought ours all three are identical my sisters TV works perfect however; my moms tv and mine both freeze and jump channels as I have explained. PLEASE HELP, and guide me to a solution. I paid good money for my tv and was excited to buy an Emerson but now I’m second guessing my decision….. Thank you

  8. I am 73 years old and on a fixed income. I take care of my son who is disabled at this time. I bought an Emerson tv a little over a year ago. It just stopped working. I am at a loss. I cannot afford to buy another tv and don’t know when I will be able to do so. I really miss my tv and especially now with the Christmas season. I know that this will probably not change anything, but I just had to vent.

  9. I got two emerson tv’s at christmas time and i went home hooked one of them up and it is fine i was waiting to hook the other one up when we moved so we moved this month and i just now opened it hooked it up and it did work so a tv tech. came out to hook it up to cable and he did every thing he could to get it to load channels but it wont so he told me to contract you and tell you the tv is bad.I was do disapointed new and never taken out of box and it is bad. All i want is a TV i have always got emerson when i can and never has this happen befor . So please can you sent me another one to replace it i dont have the reciept but I do have the box and everything that came in it it is a 32″class LCD HDTV LC320EM3F PO# 9352743291 ITEM # 550827559 Model # LC32oEM3F A serial # ME1A1232110583.

    Please let me know something I dont have money to be throwing it away.



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