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emusic is a subscription-based service that allows consumers to own, not rent, their entertainment, eMusic is the largest service to sell music — and the first service to sell audio books – exclusively in the popular MP3 format. (MP3 is the only digital format that is compatible with all digital audio devices, including the iPod? and Zune ?.) eMusic targets and successfully direct-markets to consumers who are sophisticated, tech-savvy and knowledge-hungry, dramatically expanding the sale of catalogue widely known as ?the long tail.? Since Dimensional Associates acquired eMusic in 2003, the company has more than tripled its subscriber base and sold more than 200 million downloads.

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  1. Call the number, complain for a minute and say “you know what? I know you can refund my money. Every retail company in the world can refund anything if they so choose. Let me talk to your supervisor”… YUP. Magic words.. I tell ya! Refund within 5-7 days, and I will update again when it is credited :)K

  2. Thanks for all your input,and also for that phone number to call.Thanks to all of you I was able to get a live person to help me obtain my refund.

  3. Yes, I would love to get in on this. I have tried several times to cancel my account and all it does it take me to a page to pay them more or to change my account info. I have had to empty my paypal account just so they can not keep charging me. This company sounded great at first but they are scammers like so many others that try and keep dipping in to your account. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me there are a few other scammers out there I would love to be the one to finally stand up and make them pay for the problems they have caused so many. I have phone numbers, a police report and more. You can reach me at ( I am going to space this out to keep spammers away just put it all together ) the one sided affair @ gmail . com that is the easiest and quickest way to reach me. Again, I would love to help and have been looking for someone who is willing and ready to put these people and others like them in their place. Thanks. – Michelle

  4. my boy friend tryed to sign up but it would neaver go though an than he tried my sreen name it still didn’t go though i just making shore nt to get charge more than 1st. would u be able to call me at 7174355830

  5. ONE ALBUM $285.46 with E-MUSIC.com

    So far, as a new member of e-music, I have paid $99.99 to join, they have dinged me 11.99 twice, put my credit over the limit which incurred $29 and failed to honour a $12.50 credit they told me I had with them. I have downloaded one album. One. That album has cost me $165.47.

    Presumably even if I order no more music, they will go on billing $11.99 a month so in ten months’ time I will have paid another $119.10 for that same album.

    I guess they didn’t realize they had gouged a commercial lawyer. What gets bitten sometimes bites back.

  6. it took for ever to figure out how to contact this co. been paying for awhile just trying to get this shut down didn’t realize u paid for not using the site

  7. This website is horrible I canceled my subscription and they still charge my Account and to top it off I can not log in because I freaking already canceled so I’m not in the system but yet they still charge me total bullcrap.

  8. Called emusic today (with the above provided number – thank you!), talked to Adam about a cancellation after I was billed for the next year ($99), without so much as an email letting me know I was going to be charged for another renewal. He said he could process a refund within 5 – 7 business days…. so we’ll see. Hopeful!

  9. hell yes. been getting charged since january 9th of this year and just now realized it. that’s well over $100 and i’ve never even heard of them.

  10. My update:

    As of 8/14/13 my account shows a refund of 11.99 from emusic. I believe most people might have trouble when they wait until after their subscription expires and they automatically bill your credit card. Before the time expires you have to cancel otherwise they will bill you. I was not sure that I would get money back based on the testimonies on this site. Maybe this is an act of God and the pressure you all have been putting on them is making them act right. I am very happy I got my refund and canceled my subscription. I will update if I see charges on my debit card in the following month. Good luck to you all!


  11. I used the tool free number listed above and got a live representative on the phone named Kelly. I ask for a refund of 11.99 for downloadable music I paid for and I canceled my subscription before the due date. We will see over the next few days if that Rep Kelly is a person of their word and does what she said she would do without a problem. I plan to follow up and comment on what she decides. They claimed they don’t give refunds but she gave it to me for the reason I gave (truthfully) the music they offer is not music I listen to And it really isn’t.

    I called the number 1-866-240-9271. My wait time was less than 10 minutes. Good luck to those who are trying to cancel and get refunds. Make sure you are doing it before the date ends so they can charge you more money. I’ll let you know how it will end.

  12. I’ve been trying to cancel this crap, can’t do it. For four months they have been taking money out of my account, I’ve never been able to download any music, and can’t get in touch with these people. Does anyone know how to cancel??? HELP!!!

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