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  1. VERRY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Representative hung up the phone when asked to help clarify a claim. Don’t even consider this company for your insurance needs. You will be left… needing!!

  2. I send my payments to encompass. The month of August I sent a payment on the 11th. which was not due until Sept and paid over $200. They cashed it on the 1st of Sept I sent a payment final payment on the 11th of November and has not been cashed yet It is not due until Dec.. I received a payment slip for Dec in the mail today with a $6 service payment. What is wrong with this company. One time they didn’t get my payment which I sent in and they sent me a cancellation notice never notified me that they didn’t receive the payment. I guess it’s time to find a new company

  3. the worst ins.company costumer service ever ever ever rip offs policy # 237047176 had to call BBB . I SUGGEST EVERYONE ELSE DO SAME

  4. I can not stand this company. If you are reading this and considering doing business with them, run the other way. They are very unprofessional.

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