Energizer Battery offers batteries in all Shapes and Sizes. Also, Flashlights, supplemental power and other lighting products.

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  1. Energizer service is horrible. Don’t buy their new rechargeable products, the product doesnt work according to the directions in the phamphlet.Called them and they were NO help, these must be made in China.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is Energizer going to make a battery that will fit the Canon Rebel Digital Cameras? I am stuck with Expensive, poor quality, and short life-span Rechargeable batteries. If not the actual Battery… how about a case shaped like the Canon Batteries that holds your Alkaline batteries in it?

    This would be SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATED by THOUSANDS of Canon Rebel owners….


  3. Bought two packs of AAA batteries with a reward advertise on the package. Followed instructions applying the codes but codes were rejected. Following are the codes 9FQJ2M294QJ8 96WCP9L7BFY8

    Please look into this Than You

  4. I just bought a 9v battery. Came home put it in my scale and nothing. It’s dead. Why advertise something for 5 years if its not. I will be calling customer service and talk to someone about your batteries.

  5. Damn, I’ve charged my Energizer rechargables twice and they’re already not holding a charge. Really? Energizer will do nothing?

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