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Enterprise Rent a Car has more than 6000 rental car locations at major airports and neighborhood locations. Enterprise is famous for picking up their customers. Enterprise Rent-a-car’s competitors include Avis, Hertz, Dollar, Budget, and Thrifty.

Enterprise Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

600 Corporate Park Drive
St. Louis, MO 63105

Enterprise Phone Numbers

Customer Support Line: 1-855-266-9565

Reservations: 1-855-266-9289

Reservations en Español: 1-877-416-0000

Corporate: 1-314-512-5000

Roadside Assistance: 1-800-307-6666

Enterprise Plus® Members: 1-866-507-6222

Disabilities Call: 1-866-225-4284

Business Rentals: 1-877-881-5500

Car Sales: 1-888-227-7253

Truck Rental: 1-888-736-8287

Fleet Management: 1-877-233-5338

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Enterprise Customer Service
Phone Number for Enterprise Car Rental

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  1. No Question I do have a complaint. I rented with enterprise on Thursday morning my rental was for a 9:30 am pick up I reserved online the afternoon before. I was 30minutes late due to the fact that although Enterprise says they will “pick up” they did not. The address was less than 10minutes away and yet i was denied a pick up. Also I rented with debt, firgured since it was not my first time renting with Enterprise that I would be in the system. Not the case, after about an hour the associate claimed he was trying to “work with me.” He quoted that my rental which was originally $53.84 would have 10% taken off as well as exemoting me from the $15.00 fee that is incurred for driveres under 25 years of age. and basic insurance would be added with my new total being $50.17. That I was okay with, however once I got outside to the car the associate opened the car that had “just been detailed” and it smelled of old cigarette smoke. We went back and forth as he tried to explain it had just been cleaned. I asked for a different vehicle and he explained that there were no other vehicles ready and that he had others but they were not cleaned. I explained to him that he had already held me up for over an hour, and that i would wait for a clean vehicle. After 30minutes he returned with a cleaned 2012 Altima and we did proceeded with the another vehicle survey checking for damages. While walking he explained that “there shouldnt been any damage, this just came out the body shop.” I specifically asked if it had been wrecked, he said “No, there was only a dent left buy the previous renter.” I signed initialed and took off as I was now 2hours behind my departure time. While driving down to durham NC from Temple Hills, MD I noticed while in bumper to bumper traffic the transmission kept slipping causing the vehicle to jerk back and forth when i attempted to accelerate. Once I got into the city I also noticed that the breaks were screeching very loudly. I could nto believe it. The next morning I called the enterprise in Temple Hills, MD and explained what I had experienced on my trip down. The same associate from the day before, Sean had answered and tried to explain that perhaps I had mistakenly shifted the car into manual and was driving it as a stick. I explained to him that I more than tripled checked the gears and gages throughout my 4hour drive. He then suggested that I find another enterprise in the area I was visiting. Annoyed I then asked if he could do a quick search if I give him the zip code. He searched and found several. He then told me to take my reciept to the location and they would switch it out for me. When I made it to the location in durham, NC they had no idea i was coming to switch out a rental. But the associate did recognize that I rented from this site before as I had attened college in the area. This swap took a good 20 minutes because they had to call and verify the switch. The associate at the Durham location asked if I would like a Corolla. Which was a down grade from what i originally booked and rented. I declined, and made sure to ask for the rate on a 2 to 3 day extention. He explained that it would be the rate I was originally quoted at the Temple Hills, MD location $50.17. He then got the keys to a 2012 Malibu did the walk around and noticed upon entering the vehicle it was filthy. I was beyond annoyed and fed up with the entire company, I have never experienced anything like this from Enterprise. To top it off upon my arrival home, which I was told I owed a total of $62.00 ontop of the $250.17 that was being held. I am not at all happy with my rental experience over the past 4 days. I need this fixed. The associate quoted and explained one price and I was charged for everything he said I wouldnt be ONTOP of being inconvenienced and the customer service was horrible.

  2. Enterprise Rent a Car Customer Service Review 2013

    I rented a vehicle during in November of 2012, when I turned the vehicle in, I paid the fee in full. On January 2, 2013 I reveived a letter from the firm of Caine & Weiner who stated I owed Enterprise for the rental fee, to pay up or suffer the consequences. I called the place that I rented the vehicle from and the corporate office and they both stated that I owed them no fees. I asked them why this incident occured and they stated that they did’nt have a clue. Of course I did’nt like that answer. Make sure you keep a paper trail so you don’t have to go through this type of harassment

  3. Thank you for choosing Enterprise. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm. If you didn’t print your confirmation when you reserved your car, please print this Email or record your confirmation number. You may need it when you pick up your rental. Your rental information is summarized below.


    Confirmation Number:

    I will never use this branch in West Covina, on San Bernardino Road Ever again. Tenile was not helpful at all. There was no car that I reserved, and it took 1 hr and 30 min to get a car in my catagory. She tried to upgrade us to a large car, them a small compact. I reserved a car similar to a Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sentra. I ended up with a Ford Focus, with no gas, not cleaned, no car manuel, and a light on the dash saying the tire pressure was low for the whole 6oo mile trip. We had to be driven to another city to get the car. I just saw a commerical about your company, and the great Customer Service. I feel lied to. Upon returning the car, 2 customers did not have a car available for them, and one they tried to give them the car I JUST RETURNED, with no pretrip. How can you rely on a company that does not pretrip their rentals. We trust the car is in good working condition. I do NOT feel I can TRUST Enterprise. In n Out seems to be your policy. The car we finally got, a Ford Focus, was not cleaned, no manuel. no gas, and low on tire pressure. I asked what they could do for us and they said, “All we can say is Sorry”. Tenile was trying to get any car she could get, just to get us out of her hair, in my perception. She tried to get us a large car, they tried to get us to use a Yaris. small economy car…This is not what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE…I will make sure I tell all my people about my experience with ENTERPRISE….Thank you for your Sorry, but that will NEVER suffice in any type of business, especially one that says Customer Service is #1….

  4. I rented a car from Enterprise in Hilo, Hawaii, last September. When I returned it, I was given a final bill of $227.92. That seemed fine for a week. When I got my credit card statement, the amount had jumped to $256.27. I told my bank’s customer service people. They rescinded the difference, and Enterprise’s bank agreed. Enterprise somehow appealed, and I received a letter today ordering me to pay the extra $28.35. The bank told me I was under no obligation to do so. Fearing litigation, I paid up. I told the Enterprise representative they were gaining $28, but losing a customer who has probably rented from them 10-12 times in the past several years. Unless they’re the only game in town, I won’t be renting from them again after that kind of deception.

  5. Our local Enterprise in Muskegon, MI was nice enough to badger me about taking out their insurance. Then refused to acknowledge damage I was pointing out during the intial inspection, and upon my return want my insurance deductible, but were unable to issue a computer generated receipt. I believe we have some major insurance fraud being committed in town after speaking to my insurance adjuster and agents.

  6. My son’s car broke down outside of St Cloud MN and I contacted “Joe” at Enterprise right before 6 p.m.. He said that they closed in 4 min and all the drivers were going home. He gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to get my son’s address of where he needed a car and call him back, but since the company would go to an automated recording at 6, call him on his cell. He then drove several miles to my son, but found out his credit card would not allow him to charge the necessary funds needed to rent the car. Joe was extremely helpful and offered various solutions, but none my young son could do at the time. I just want to thank “Joe” on a public forum because he really went well above his job description on a Friday night. Thanks Joe


  7. Enterprise is a lying company and they now only take credit cards no more debit cards this company has very poor management and customer service husband had a reservation went to counter they told him that they dont take debit cards this company is a very ghetto company But anyway he had to rent from company that take debit in this economy some of us dont have card so just take your business elsewhere We are done with this company and their policies

  8. In November of this year I requested online (thru USAir) to rent a full sized car from Enterprise in Salisbury. My understanding was renting this way provided me a discount but Enterprise nor USAir could/would give me a “specific rate or discount percentage”. When I arrived to pick up the car I requested on Nov. 3rd I was given a Chrysler 200 (not 300) which to me did not seem to be in the full size category. I paid close to sixty dollars for 1 day. I called the agency several days later to ask about the rate as well as the discount- he told me that I would hear from him in two days and I am still waiting for his return call.

  9. Hello Enterprise:

    I usually rent from your American Fork office. When Bryan was the manager there I would tell him if the car for rent was for tourism or for my own personal car being in service. I told him I should not be charged for tourism if the car is not for tourism. He would agree and would usually comply by not charging me extra. Now, when Bryan was promoted this new lady manager told me something completely off. She said that if I new what shop it was and if the shop was “registered” (?) she would not charge me extra for tourism. It is as if I was not trusted by the manager when I have rented from this office for many years. Now, sad to say I had to change rental companies and go to the competitor even if it was quite a way to travel. I know go to Hertz in Orem or catch the bus to Salt Lake because of this treatment. Anyway, I just wanted you to know what was happening in this branch.

  10. put on hold for one hour, no one at Cape Cod Buzzards office on main st picks up the phone, they play you a tape for an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, call cust service, they hang up on you.. what the hell happened to cust. service.

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