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EPIX is a 24-hour-a-day cable TV channel. We’ve got a great scheduled line-up of feature films, world-class concerts, comedy specials, and other events. We’re also hard at work on several television series, mini-series, and movies of our own.

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  1. Epix is a joke, you cant get crap, and they wont even send you a valid code. i purchased a newer xbox recently and got one of those free trial cards for hulu,epix, and a month free xbox live gold membership. The code from epix isnt even valid, and their website sucks!Hopefully no one is dumb enough to put in their credit card numbers cause if so your in trouble. Sorry. and i hope the dummies that run epix gets to see this! YALL ARE CRAP!!

  2. well i really dont want to give them any stars. well i was on the web about a year and a half ago and i was looking to see some movies on the net. and so i came a cross this company called epix and i saw where it said free trial, and i put all the info in and it was saying that my e-mail was not right but it was. so i tryed a few mores times and than i just said forget it. well and year and a haif later i was on the web looking to see the movie by rick sprinfrled called afair of the heart ,and so it let me to that web site again. so tryed it again for the free trial and the same thing happand and so this time i send a e-mail and explained what happand. and this rude guy named micheal respomded to my e-mail and was thinging this is one big joke. and than i send one or two more e- mails to explaining what happand and tell them thats not a way to get new custmers and if they can help me, and they sill have not got back yo me.

  3. This is not the phone number for EPIX HD. EPIX HD doesn’t have a published phone number. Don’t waste your time calling this number, it’s the wrong company.

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