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EPIX is a 24-hour-a-day cable TV channel. We’ve got a great scheduled line-up of feature films, world-class concerts, comedy specials, and other events. We’re also hard at work on several television series, mini-series, and movies of our own.

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  1. I tried for a free trial offer. It does not work!!!!! Can’t they get it together after all these mmonths. If they are soo good why can’t we get a trial subscription. Netflix is sooo muck better at this point.

  2. i signed up for the trial offer and was only able to see a couple of movies, most the time it doesn’t let me sign on. i keep getting a network error message. Even at free it’s over priced.

  3. Epix deserves to be Sued Bigtime, And believe me they have done many things worth being sued over.. What kind of company runs themselves without a customer support number? What kind of company DELETES THE HOW TO DISABLE MY EPIX ACCOUNT from the main F.A.Q. boeard?

    The **** Epix company…That’s who! And you can bet the company kept from putting a contact number on their mainpage and it wasn’t by accident, This was carefully thought out..And to the person who said they can’t even watch epix but yet they are billed for it, Not exactly sure what is applicable to your predicament but it sounds like you could have a lawsuit against this “Company” that is run more like an Illuminati Bank..They could be taken to court over stating that they have Tons of A-list movies, Which is obviously a joke because they only have like 12 new movies and the rest are crap flicks from the 60’s and 70’s.. I could go on and on about this but it only makes me mad and few things on this Earth rarely do.. EPIX SUCKS!!!!

  4. I think that its sad that there is no phone number to contact these people so everything you do with them is through e-mail I havent even signed up for their service yet and out of all that ive read i dont think i want

  5. how much is epix for xbox360 i have no cable provider just x box i hope it is like netflix but better movies u rEALLY NEED A PHONE NUMBER THIS CONTACT WAY IS REDICUL ALREADY..

  6. shoot me an email whenever you figure out a way rof people to pay for it.

    if you find a way to charge it to xbox 360 points cards i will be one of your first customers


  7. i have tired to et epixs on my roku box for the past three weeks now and nothing , i have called and they act dum as crap . so i am going to be calling the BBC on these fouls , you wouold like that they listen to there customers !i guess amybe lighting a fire up under the company for better reps would be the answer or maybe not we shall see

  8. This sight sucks , I have charter and apparently can watch epix for free luckily I didn’t have to put in a card number but I can’t get a single access code that they keep asking for so I can’t watch anything and as everyone else has stated no delete options and no contact numbers , I called a number u found and that people listed and it is epix but isn’t the same epix , a complete different company , stick to larger companies that have numbers and are real like netflix screw it I’ll pay the 7 bucks or whatever a month . Epix should be sued and ran into the ground like allot of people say , I agree. They suck.

  9. don’t be a fool don’t get epix it never work and you can never get anyone to help you fix it …. I wish I had never even heard of epix ……….

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