EppiCard by Mastercard the easy and safe way to access your unemployment payments.With the EPPICard system, cardholders can purchase goods and services directly from retailers and even get cash back.

EPPI Card (MasterCard) Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2000 Purchase Street

Purchase, NY 10577 U.S.A.

Telephone: 1-914-249-2000

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  1. how in the hell are you suppose to talk to a human on a phone line, this is the worst company i have ever tried to deal with.i would love to talk the ceo or someone.you people should be ashame of yourselfs

    1. I agree completely!! I have been trying to talk to a representative now for 5 days!!!! There is no option to speak with anyone at all!! Only option is #4 and it’s to report a lost stolen or damaged card, but immediately you are prompted to dial in your SSN!! I am afraid ????to because I don’t want my card immediately shut off!!! I also have an online account and that’s useless also!!!

  2. After 4 times calling their service number….THIS worked. when calling and it asks you to push 1 for english 2 for spanish…. DO NOTHING. thats right, push NO buttons say nothing just WAIT. it may hang up on you at first but call back and DO NOTHING! with in a minute or so a LIVE PERSON will acknowledge your call. One of the WORST things in industry is the automated system. BANN THEM ALL! and force the jerks to answer you with a LIVE person!

    Good for you, Good for me, even better for the unemployment rate.

  3. i hate this company. it is not right or fair that they force us accept our child support payments through this card AND then the company finds ridiculous reasons to charge us for different things. i have also had soooo many problems getting the card to work! i can never get a live person to talk to for help. (wth do they charge for if you can’t get help??) anyway, i did finally figure out that the other posts are correct. call the number on the back of the card and DO NOT PRESS ANY NUMBERS!! just sit there and wait. they will tell you that you have to hang up and call back. DO NOT HANG UP! they will transfer you to a rep. The reps are very nice and helpful….that is one thing positive.

  4. Yay!!!!!!!! The trick does work!!!!!!!!!!! Dont press any buttons and you will speak to a csr!! I was apprehensive at 1st….but its true, it does work!!!

  5. After 3 attempts of trying to reach a live customer service rep, I stumbled upon this response from AKM and it is true, dial the main number and just stay on the line. I did press 1 for english and after that I just hung on the line and after 4/5 times, a live person did come on. Be Patient and hold on the line. Thanks AKM.

  6. This company sucks you never get your payments on time even after being sent out by FLDOR this company holds your payment until they want to they use to send you an email when you going to get your payment on time Eppicard stinks and so does their customer service reps

  7. Stay on the line and don’t push any buttons.. Let it repeat the options over and over again.. Then it’ll transfer you to a live person.

  8. If you can figure out how to talk to a live person they are very helpful. I needed help resetting my online password and even though the lady couldn’t help me directly (I was told a webmaster would have to call me back) she was polite and profession. Other than that the service is absolutely horrible. I was forced into this program by the Alabama Child Support program and abhor it. Would have much rather preferred direct deposit. Like the others said if you need to talk to a live person just dial the number and don’t push any buttons at all. It will eventually route you to a live person.

  9. What an awful experience – I live outside of the US and needed to activate my new debit card. Toll free number outside the US it says on the pamphlet!!! Right!!! Every number I called I got nowhere then finally read the comments on this website – thankyou! Am still on the line at my expense (coming up to an hour and 5 people later)!!!!

  10. This is so aggrovating! I have been locked out of my internet account for eppicard,(as I was typing my username and password I guess I must have had caps lock on lol) so I needed to get in touch with someone and called the # on the back of my card. I called 4 times and kept putting my card # in and each time you do that to get the balance which I wasn’t trying to do you get charged freaking 50cents: that is ridiculous! Why would they charge just for getting your balance! I think they are making enough money off people as it is. They are robbing us who really need our money to survive with such things like 50 cents everytime you call and put your card number in (for me I called maybe 10 times in a month to get my balance not knowing they were charging me everytime! I had no idea until I had given them my money for telling me my damn balance, and I was wondering why there had been 50 cents taken out 7 times until I called them asking about it.) Mississippi Eppicard uhhhh I hate this state! They are so freaking rude…damn assholes. Just got off the phone with them finally after reading you guys advice after the 5th time calling and 10 minutes later, I got a rude human….wow. I told him I had been locked out of my account and he said the only thing I could do would be to wait 24 hours. I said you can’t do anything about it, he says that they don’t have access to that info and he could write a ticket and that would take 3-5 business days…what a joke! Ridiculous that’s all I have to say! Makes me so damn mad people are such rude assholes and things are so damn difficult when it comes to things like this. This company gets a negative 5 stars!!!!!!

  11. HORRIBLE SERVICE from a company that does not care about you!! It is atrocious that an organization like this is in charge of dealing with people’s support payments. After almost an hour, I called my local child support office and they connected me to a living human being. In all, the conversation took less than two minutes from start to finish after an ACTUAL person was on the phone. I am in Texas and the holding through the menu suggestion did not work me. They just hung up on me at the end of the call. This is a ridiculous lack of regard for their customers, and I am writing a strongly worded letter to Gregg Abbott about the total lack of caring from Eppicard.

  12. I also could not get through until I tried “doing nothing”. It worked like a charm, and I was immediately put through. When I asked the rep why it was so difficult to talk to a live person, and no numeral option is provided. She told me she wasn’t completely sure, it may just be the way the IT department has the telephone system set up. Bottom line, they don’t want to really have to deal with customers. It’s very discouraging. Thank everyone for their help, good thing I was only having the small issue of email notification.

  13. well it works! but do not press ANY BUTTONS AT ALL! not even if they ask you if you want english or spanish or if they ask for your card number. Dont do it. Just dial and hold on. Then after repeating the quetions a few times they say hang up. DONT. Then they say we will connect you to a customer service rep. YEEAAHH!

  14. when calling the number that you use to call and check your balances over the phonr . Just listen and wait uThen the automated service will stop and transfers yountil customer service answers. Do not push any numbers.

  15. Eppicard has been skipping some of my payments. So far, this month, they are two days overdue on the second payment and I expect they will just steal again from me, as this isn’t the first time they have flat out neglected to pay me. This company robs from helpless children and mothers. It is a scam.

  16. why does eppic card charge $1.10 for ATM usage?,the ATM is free , but eppic charges a fee? that’s just not right,,,I do not live near any of the banks that they say they wont charge a fee,

  17. I had tried getting through to the Nevada Eppicard Customer Service since June. We are now in September. I followed the advice of others. I dialed the number and didn’t press any buttons at all. After the options repeat about 4 times, you are eventually transferred to a live person. Even on Saturday! I needed a Level 2 person to finally fix my issue (the date of birth was entered in wrong so I couldn’t originally activate my card). Believe it or not, the 2 agents I spoke with were very professional. Eppicard should definitely change the phone menu to make it easier to reach someone by including a prompt on the phone system, but nonetheless, I finally got my issue fixed.

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