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  1. I hated him getting fired but I didn’t know he had said Uncle Tom. I like Jalen Rose too but I thought he should have been fired for calling the Duke system the college kids, Coach K..etc Uncle Toms. I was offended and still am. That should be a banned phrase you do not say.. and they should not be able to rake college kids over the coals– off limits

  2. hi my name is wade i,m from altoona heres my ? i have a iphone4g ok i,m having password issues can you tell how i can get a password that will work so i can start watching espn sports please can i have an answer verty soon from wade

  3. We are no longer able to watch ESPN in the middle east can you recommend a provider? Etisalat, Du, and OSN all say you have suspended service. Espn player only allows for limited items. How do you get ESPN sportscenter here in the middle east now? Please tell me you have not shut all of us off here

  4. Why would ESPN2 think they could just not show the last 2:30 minutes of the texas tech vs. USF NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament game without the TV viewers being irrate. Where was the producer of this show, the best game by far of the day to watch to the end, but the TV viewers couldn’t see it because of technical difficulties. This would not happen if this was any men’s NCAA tournament game. I am so tired of the men’s college teams getting more favorable media treatment than the women, who put in just as much time and effort to prepare to play. The female players and their fans deserve more.

  5. After reading the comments Rob Parker vocalized on ESPN I beliecve his remarks were very racist and the appropriate course of action for ESPN to take is to relieve Mr. Parker of his current on-air position He belongs behind the camera in a position where he cannot spew his racist remarks to a national sports audience.

  6. my name is robert meyer,i i thought i i saw that espn would be carrying some hockey other than the nhl?

    however i have had a stroke and it has caused me memory problems

    and therfore trouble with short term memory,i have tried calling but i am asked for pin number?

  7. I am a Pediatrician. I just saw your advertisement on TV with A.D. and one of your announcers where they made fun of him because his nickname was “bedwetter”. You guys are the most insensitive jerks in the world. Does any one there with an ounce of sensitivity understand what a terrible problem bed wetting is for both the child and the parents. I have seen children scarred for life by this problem that is not in their ocntrol. The worse thing is people (parents or friends) who make fun of these children. You should take this off the air IMMEDIATELY. Show some social responsibility. The guy who came up with his should be fired

    Lawrence L. Menzer M.D.

  8. I don’t know why my ESPN account was banned and I am currently paying for rumor central and would like to either have the a refund or have my account un-banned.

  9. The Number 1 Play aired on July 15, 2012 was not a catch. The outfielder missed the ball, it hit the wall and was trapped between the wall and the fielder’s body, ending up in his right hand. Watch it in slow motion.

  10. Please tell your commentators to quit talking during the serve and point play of tennis matches. European announcers are far better than American announcers as they do not talk during the serve and match play. These ex tennis players along with Chris Fowler do not know when to keep their mouth shut, and just let us enjoy the tennis match. Thank goodness for the mute button.

  11. I was watching the Wozniaki-Clijsters match on the ESPN2 coverage Monday nite. Then at the beginning of the tiebracker the match was cut off and we never saw the end of the match. How could you do this on the most intriguing match-up of this tournament. It certainly doesn’t show a lot of respect for the reigning Aussie champion and the world number one nor for the women’s game. I’ve been watching women’s tennis on TV for thirty years and I’ve never seen this done before. This is a

    disgrace. Please show the tiebreaker sometime so we can see the end of the match.

  12. Your ESPN3 live streaming does not work at all. I have tried for 2 days to see replays of New Zealand Bangladesh Test match and it will not play online at all. I keep getting on screen display of {ESPN not responding}.

  13. The commentators on the Baylor-Boise State game

    acted like they were disappointed Baylor was winning.

    No enthusiasm whatever. Compare them to the the counterparts of both the

    games of Alabama and Clemson games. No comparison whatsoever.

    You sent duds to the game. They were awful.

    And they drug Baylor through the mud again, repeating

    the sexual scandal. Is it worse than Penn State’s situation?

    Can we drop the scandal language now that they have a new

    coach and starting a new year? The current kids were

    Not involved and don’t need to be reminded every time they play s game.

  14. your upper left score tracker for Wimbleton is much too small. It is impossible to read and follow the score.Please fix it. The text should be larger.Lynne

  15. Hi,

    Is there anyway ESPN could contact Barry Bonds for an autograph ball for a friend that’s coming to San Francisco the week of April 14-18 to the game. This guy is the biggest fan of Barry Bonds. His son surprised him with a trip to the game. He will be turning 75 years old on June 5. If there anyway possible you’ll could make this happen I would appreciate this from my heart. If you have any questions please contact me at.

    I would like for this to be his Birthday present.

    thanks in advance for all your help.

  16. I am a big NHRA dragracing fan. I DVR all the qualifing and sundays raceing. How come when its a recorded event and not live that other sports events use up the time slotted for the sport i want to watch? Yesterday March the 16th the Gatornationals was airing i saw only half of the race do to tennis and college basketball. There are only 24 major nhra events in a whole season but there are a million basketball games. Ive had to put up with fastfowarding through every sport on the planet ( basketball girls-softball tennis bowling hockey track and field other raceing tidleywinks chess checkers poker fishing fingerpainting boatraceing rodeo badmitten golf archery marbles hopscotch dancing baton-twerling shuffle-board ) The list goes on and on and on. You wouldnt dare do this crap to nascar fans (boering) someone would get lynched. So please air my entire show. I dont care when, i will just record and watch it when i can enjoy it Thanx.

  17. ESPN visual and audio coverage of the Clemson- VaTech ACC Championship game is terrible. Y’all should be ashamed of the lack of quality.

  18. What is going on with ESpn chicago radio with Kaplan and Waddle &Silvy shows? There is a bleed over between conversations on the radio and old radio broadcasts.. I just was listening to Kaplan and W&S waiting for a Chicago Bear official… Than about 2;12 ur x the thing with Kap’s interview from this am starts playing and there is bleed over. Than I call the station and he pus me on hold forever. Just before that I heard Kap & W&S show from yesterday started playing. This is not the 1st x for bleed overs.

  19. I am a faithful UConn basketball fan, both men and women.

    My only complaint is Doris Burke. She talks non stop throughout the telecast and it is

    not necessary. If it were on only radio, I could understand the commentary. But when the game is televised and we are watching it, why does she have to show us that she understands more than those who are actually watching the game.

    It is very tiresome to hear her voice for the full two hours. I now turn the game on mute so I don’t have to listen to her comments over and over again.

    Thank you,


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