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  1. Trying to get my last two magazines and customer service is making not trying to expediate magazine. Been customer for 40 years and never have had such lousy service. I have been missing several issues and after I feel I have gotten resolved ,nothing never comes. I just want my magazines.

  2. i would like to find out when will esquire send my hat large size. when i paid for subscription it was part deal when paid in full. you have a great magazine. i am a recovering vet and its good to find good reading.

  3. My husband took an online survey, but has no intention from ordering, but somehow a magazine arrived at our home and a statement saying my husband ordered the magazine and has to pay a year’s subscription. I just called today to cancel the subscription and spoke with a customer rep named Amanda and told her to cancel and she told me that she’s going to cancel the subscription and to ignore future billing and keep the magazine. So, I hope we don’t have to deal with this again.

  4. I do not wish to continue receiving Esquire because of its emphasis on sexuality. However, it won’t let me cancel because I went through another magazine rep. I should be able to cancel anytime I want to and not have to go throught the trouble of commjunication between Esquire, magazine rep and me.

    Please cancel my subscription NOW!!!

  5. The sucks! i adquired their suscription like 1 month ago and they haven’t send me the first magazine yet, i called then and the only that the representative said that i will have to wait even 4 more weeks!!

  6. I had subscribed to Esquire magazine in 2011 for a 1 year subscription for a school subscription drive. It was still coming and I wanted it stopped but had no way yo get in touch with Esquire, nor the company that originally sold the subsciptions. I called the number you had listed for Esquire which directed me to the original Subscription company and had it cancelled today!

    Thank you for cutting all the red tape!!!!

  7. Great customer service – called 1-800-888-5400 – followed phone prompts – used Something Else – transferred to customer rep live person – they handled my request. Could not ask for anything easier. Phone number was hard to come by, that is why I added here.

  8. I have written ESQUIRE magazine 5 times and never heard back from them.

    They keep sending me 2 issues every month.

    ‘They suck”‘

  9. We haven’t received any magazines yet. I sent our check (#3172) for $6.00 on 2 Feb 16 and it has already cleared our bank. But we have yet to receive the magazine. Would you please look into the matter and advise us of the problem. Our EMail address is:

  10. very disappointed I order this magazine for my son and he has not received one my name is Joyce brown and I sent it to Kelly barber in prison and paid for a year were is this magazine

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  12. I have written three times to customer service about not receiving magazines. Paid in full in July no reply to any of my requests for information

  13. Wow! I spoke to a person almost immediately. She was extremely helpful, courteous, and honored my request. Terrific service; my first time giving a subscription and they located all my info (correctly!) and followed through in a timely manner.

  14. Horrid customer service- ordered the magazine in Nov, yesterday ( Feb 10th) I received the December issue! they thought that was impossible….it has jimmy Fallon in a Santa Suit- WHERE THE HECK IS THE UP TO DATE ISSUE……beware folks- another company that doesn’t care.

  15. Please Stop sending me emails! I have unsubscribed a dozen times and yet i get multiple emails everyday. I did not sign up nor do i want these emails. PLEASE STOP

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