Etsy is your place to buy and sell handmade products, Vintage Items, and Art on the internet. Etsy is what ebay aimed to be but is not. Etsy is fun and creative, yet the site allows you to make money at the same time.

Etsy, Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
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  1. I am a sell on Etsy at least for now.As a seller, I can’t even get in touch with any customer service.It just seems they don’t care. I can find no one to talk to, write to, email,or anything else. Don’t think I will be there much longer, that is if I can find a way to shut down my shop.

  2. My goodness, poor etsy and seller! I can’t find ANY good reviews here, so I MUST tell of my primarily excellent experiences…lots of them.. buying charming and useful items across the spectrum of goods available!!! I have only undergone three awkward situations with sellers, but one resolved their problem graciously, another is an arrogant artist who STILL makes and sent a fabulous product, the third I currently can’t get in touch with…that IS very frustrating. However, over and over working with sellers has been an act of making friends while making honorable transactions. I have bought sweet handmade gloves, several charmingly crafted gumball and candy machines, yarn, rick rack, bunches of marbles, precious teeny bottles for holy water and more, predesigned jewelry and custom made and spend hours and hours perusing the delicious pages of great items. I will definitely be peeved if I can’t find the missing seller, but it will be a first truly negative experience at etsy. I simply can’t understand why there are so many cranky, dissatisfied reviewers. I honor that their tales are true, but where are the happy ones other than me? There HAVE to be many! ?? Etsy, God bless you and yours and thank you for what you offer in so many marvelous ways.

  3. I issued a refund a few hours afters I ordered something on here because I changed my mind, and it said I got a refund, but I didn’t get the money back… Does it take a few days?

  4. I am sooooo frustrated and OVER Etsy!!!!! No response from anyone EVER! I have sold 1 article in almost 12 months, whilst Etsy continue to charge me monthly fees. I have paid hundreds of dollars in feel and have nothing to show for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Etsy is a complete rip off. Their communication is ZERO. Their customer response is ZERO. I will be removing my account and tell everyone NOT to list on Etsy!

  5. I am very upset . My store was unexpectedly closed. I had a credit card stolen and etsy was not able to collect their money. Several days ago I have reinterred a new card but store has not been removed from suspension. I have tried numerous times to get a telephone number to call. THERE DOES NOT SEEM TO BE ONE AVAILABLE TO SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON. I am very mad PLEASE HELP ME

  6. Please email back as I am trying to buy 2 Etsy gift cards and cannot get this through.

    Why is it that when I fill out the requested info, it indicates that I have not put in recipient’s email address. This is not true, in fact, I tried a few times and no results.

    I need this resolved ASAP as I have a few to go out. Make this easier for your customers, please. I have to hear from you. Thank you.

  7. I purchased a coat with the understanding that I could return it. However, I tried to get a new zipper and informed it would be too expensive. I contacted the seller and told to return it. I paid the seller $49.49 and he only refunded to me $33.00. Also, the coat was return back to me stated that the seller refused the shipment. Now the sellers number has not be activated. What to do?


    RE: Order # 1081722885

    I ordered a pair of “Black Czech Glass Round Beaded Earrings” from “Etsy” on FEBRUARY 24, 2016.

    Total for the order: $8.63. My Email from them said that the earrings were coming from Australia,

    and that it may take 3-4 weeks.

    It has now been nearly 2 months, and THE $8.63 HAS BEEN CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD !!

    I will be reporting this –

    If ETSY is on the up and up – you will follow up on this and find out about this scammer who is using

    ETSY’S name – actually giving ETSY A BAD NAME!

    P.S. I really would like to receive my PAID FOR earrings!

  9. I bought 3 nose rings on Etsy’s

    webSite. I was not happy with them. I had tried to communicate with the seller and I asked for a refund, the seller has not contacted me back nor has Etsy taken any action. This site is bogus!

  10. Same problem. Bought item from So Vintage, Inc. with the clear understanding that it was on approval. Wrong address on box, went to return it. Non-deliverable and Patricia went incommunicado on me. No address, no delivery. It’s a shame because the items are wonderful, they simply did not work for our project. Hard to determine unless product is in our home to see. I’m very sorry that a person so talented is so unscrupulous. We have reversed the charge, but the product will likely be returned to us. How to get it to her? I’ve written a letter to Etsy because they list no phone number to my knowledge. A real pain.

  11. Etsy used to be just fine to sell through. I joined in 2012 and they had a simple way to contact them through email with problems/questions/issues. I have now, I am afraid, been ripped off by one Travis Gates in Hot Sp[rings, Arkansas. He ordered from me, I was slow in getting his order to him (serious health issues this winter). He opened a case against me as I shipped his order. $80 is gone from my PayPal account, leaving me with a negative balance. I can find no trace on etsy of the cancellation order. My etsy items are all suspended. I did finally find a way to contact them through email, providing the USPS tracking number for the shipping. Travis himself seems unconcerned with either paying me or getting the items returned to me. I don’t know how much this is going to really crap me off because I need to hear from etsy. This is such an entire pain in the butt. Maybe it’s time to get a real website of my own.

  12. This is a disreputable company! I ordered an item; paid for that item by credit card; got a notice the item shipped; then got a notice the vendor did not ship and I would not be getting the item. Etsy kept $43 of the transaction and now I can’t get a hold of them. SCAM COMPANY,

  13. This is the first time and the last time I will shop with any vendor on Etsy. My order, which I tried to cancel immediately and had not been shipped, I am being told by the vendor that I cannot cancel it because it messes up their fees with Etsy. No valid phone number to call and the online help seems purposefully confusing and convoluted. No straight answered anywhere. Good luck Etsy !

    I have no hope of receiving a response from you, horribly understaffed and uncommunicative as you seem to be.

  14. A week ago today, I thought that my account had been hacked. At that time, I wrote to etsy asking what I should do including asking about resetting my password. Later that day, I found out that my fiance had changed the password to the one I use for my website when he couldn’t get either of my usual passwords to work. When I didn’t hear anything, I went about business as usual. I added new items, tweaked some of my listings and paid my July bill. Yesterday, August 5th, I finally received an answer to my email seven days earlier! Seriously, 7 days? So, I responded that I had changed the password already and answered all the questions contained in the email. I’m sure you can imagine my dismay when I then went to my account to check activity and found out that my account had been suspended. I then wrote again expressing my dismay and questioning what happens now. I also want my account reopened. NOW. Further, once I submitted my email, a message came up that I would received a response within 24 hours. Well, I’ve seen that before so pardon me if I don’t believe you. Personally, I’m very disappointed at the quality of service. If you are receiving too many emails for your staff to handle, then you need to hire more staff. Seven days is not acceptable for a security issue. I also find it distressing and somewhat disconcerting that you don’t have a phone number for customer service especially for security matters.

  15. Etsy was quick to shut down my store without warning and slow (haven’t received a response in three days) to help me understand how I was in violation of their Terms of Service. I’ve read that this is not unusual. Is there a Class Action Lawsuit for shop owners who have unjustly and suddenly had their shops closed? I horrified. Is there another website that is similar to Etsy’s and has good customer service? I’d love nothing more than to offer my products again without fear of my shop being closed unexpectedly. Thank you.

  16. TERRIBLE! Etsy closed my Shop down with no warning and when asked WHY they closed my shop they sent me a link to a store from China that has blankets that look like mine! When i told them i could provide evidence that My blankets are indeed MY BLANKETS, They havent responded in WEEKS! Ive sent at least 10 messages asking why i havent gotton a response and NOTHING! No reply for almost a month from “Nicole from Etsy Customer Service”!

    Im seriously ready to take this up with a Lawyer! This Company is a SCAM! OHHHHHH and BTW- They shut my shop down the day AFTER they took their large chunk of Etsy Fees out of my account!


  17. I ordered a salt and pepper shaker in the d├ęcor of tomatoes. It was for a gift. The shipping cost was enormous and there were no Salt & Pepper indications on the two pieces. Also, there were no stops for the bottom of the shakers. How am I suppose to use such a shabby product? I’ll have to get some heavy duty masking tape I guess.

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