Etsy is your place to buy and sell handmade products, Vintage Items, and Art on the internet. Etsy is what ebay aimed to be but is not. Etsy is fun and creative, yet the site allows you to make money at the same time.

Etsy, Inc. Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
55 Washington Street, Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. I bought a flute for 107.54 three weeks ago.
    They took the money with in two days.
    I have not received anything yet.
    poor service?

  2. I ordered a baby blanket from SewMineDesign and the quality is very poor. It can’t be returned because of the name printed on the fabric. not the quality it should have been.

  3. Etsy charged my Discover card, but I have not received the
    item that I ordered. In fact, I went onto the web site and could
    not find my order.
    Whats going on with this company? Got phone number but they do not take incoming calls.

  4. I ordered an item from an est y vender who advertised free shipping he later contacted me to inform me of my shipping fees that were really high almost as much as the item I purchased. When I called them on it i got attitude I was told in this country you pay shipping from the beginning I got nothing but rudeness. I responded i know one is supposed to pay shipping when I am asked but not when you offer free shipping they then changed there shorty saying they were not able to state shipping cost it was not possible. I then reply ed how then do other venders do it. Needless to say I never got the item I don’t know if I got refunded i better check. Weeks later est y sent me request for a rating on this vender i reply ed I could not because I did not receive my item again they messaged me requesting a rating i finely gave one star and gave my review that I felt cheated misled that it was a bad experiance. Within minutes the vender begin messaging me telling me I needed to get a life that I had anger issue ten times this person messaged me.I contacted est y asked for help they said they were sorry and asked me to not contact the vender again! My husbAnd is recovering from open heart surgery his mother recently passed i told this to est y and my husband told the vender this is what we were busy focused on the vender responded I am going to have est y ban you from shopping.I am stressed out I feel as if I’ve been at war. The solution should of been to have the vender apologize promise never to contact us.I am afraid to shop est y again and can’t recommend them.

  5. I have NOT had an account with you for many YEARS yet your company still wants to invoice me … why?

    I’VE contacted you before to stop…to NO avail …PLEASE STOP HARRASSING ME!



    1. I have ordered a dutch girl pattern, payment has cleared my bank but no pattern. There is no way to contact them to inquire whe why I haven’t rec’d my pattern.

  7. I ordered a collar for my dog. The website was unfriendly. When I finally got to check-out, Etsy immediately took the money out of my account. Two days later they said that they don’t have the collar I ordered, but didn’t refund my money. I am trying to call them where they say they are open 7 days a week, but could not find the phone number. Eventually, I found a phone number: 1-888-961-4798 and they answered saying, “We do not take incoming calls.” If I don’t get my product, I will report them to the BBB and State Attorney’s Office and have my bank get the money back.

  8. Ordered a handmade bracelet on March 5th. It was supposed to ship on March 25th. It is now the 9th of April and still no bracelet. AngelicaMinimalist does not answer my emails. I feel like I’m getting the shaft! Never again! I will never buy through Etsy and will tell everyone about this.

  9. I ordered embroidery software, thank goodness I did not order an expensive one to try first. It would not download. after multiple emails and no responses in less than 24 hours each time, I was told no refunds were made for any reason. These monograms were emailed to me again, and still will no download. My son in law who is computer smart, worked on it for hours and it still will not download. I will NEVER order from Esty again.

    1. I agree they sent me the wrong size I have emailed several times and no answer, and no way to talk to a human. Spread the word these are all rip;-off ahole son of bitches…………

  10. If, I could, I would give a rating of zero stars, because there is no way to rate Etsy’s customer service when they have none.

    I placed an order which was not processed and then canceled by Etsy. No explanation given. I sent two e-mails to inquire as to what the problem might be and received no answer. Eventually I was given a notification that they were looking into the problem, but the case number assigned to the case has disappeared from my account. The one phone number I was able obtain for customer service does not take incoming calls.

    It has occurred to me that I may have mistakenly entered a wrong number when I gave my credit card information, but there is no way for me to review my card information or make any correction, if in fact a correction is needed. In addition, the only way the site allows me to add or edit a credit card is upon checkout.

    I have placed my order again, but it has been placed in the ‘processing payment’ category and again there wasno explanation as to why.

    I have contacted the vendor only to find out that she is having similar problems with getting any support and is as frustrated as I am.

    I have used the etsy site in the past and have experienced no problem. So Etsy is glad to orocess an order quickly and efficiently when they can process an order with minimum effort. However if a problem arises, it appears that Etsy has no interest in exerting itself in any meaningful way to fix the problem.

  11. ordered 2 seashell wedding ring holders back in June and I have not received them. I’m going away to my destination wedding on July 23rd and do not want to order another set and get billed again. Where is my order. Per my credit card statement, it’s was withdrawn.Transaction Date 06/20/2017 Post Date 06/21/2017 Transaction Amount $43.90 Transaction Reference Number MT171720111000010013070 Merchant Type Accessory and Apparel Stores – Miscellaneous Method Card Number Captured 81 – Card number entered via the Internet or electronically Card Presence 5 – Card not present at time of sale – Internet Transaction

  12. Please webmaster, I’ve tried contacting Etsy support and I only get automated responses. I need to have access to my account so I can send my customer her antique blanket. She’s been waiting since the 4th. I’m desperate. I am fully paid up, and my credit card is current. Please send this to someone in the company who will help me.

    Shelly Pawell

    1. I get the same crap. I ordered some shoes for my son from overseas and now my debit card has been hacked I try calling them I have emailed for them to give me a call and only got an email stating that they were not able to leave a message for me even though I was not on the phone LOL I am disgusted and will never buy from here again !

  13. I have been waiting to be refunded by Etsy and the seller who sold me a lamp for 250.00 plus shipping cost of 17.00 total 267.00. When I paid they transferred the currency and I wind up paying in euros making the payment 278.00 in dollars It has been about 5 to 6 days when I requested to resolve the problem and to this day I have received no refund. Now they are sending me a message that a credit card ending in 1296 was refunded causing more confusion and it is not my card. What the hell is going on here THE BEST RESULT IS TO TAKE THEM TO COURT AND SUE THEM FOR A LOT MORE

  14. Well it’s been over 10 business days and I still haven’t gotten my phone case nor have I gotten a number to tech to know where the crap it’s at.. This is stupid and horrible customer service.. I’m pissed off. $20 down the drain.

  15. i am not sure what is going on. But ETSY “locked” my ability to sign into my account for no reason and without any warning. They are impossible to deal with and you get “no where fast” with them. I hope I receive my custom purchases soon. Because ETSY has locked me out, I am no longer able to communicate with the two shops that are doing custom work for me. I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. No one at ETSY will help me out.

  16. disappointed in Etsy’s customer service. No phone number to call and speak to someone about issues with. Really, with the amount of money they are pulling in, they can’t provide a customer service representative to speak with?

    I was sent a notice from Etsy that they were transferring my funds to my bank account on Feb 3rd. The notice said to allow 5-6 business days for the funds to arrive (which in itself is ludicrous, in a digital age of instant money transfers??) It has new been 8 business days and still no funds in my bank account. Which has caused my bank account to have an overdraft. Thanks Etsy, you have cost me $37.00 in bank fees. To top it off I can’t trace my money to see where it might be. No customer service to speak to and no response to my email to them yet. We are talking several hundred dollars here that have simply disappeared.

  17. I ordered a winter hat and have not received my package. Please send me a phone No. and let me know how I can reach you!!I am a very unhappy customer!!

  18. I have tried to sign in and it says that my username and email is already in use. I am not sure what to do. Thank you, Mary Frank Ralls

  19. ETSY is emailing people threatening lawsuits now if the negative reviews effect their sales. This is just rediculous. I will never do business with a company like this. Bye bye!!!

  20. I ordered Personalized Aprons & Chef Hats for my granddaughter & grandson. I ordered them from kdupton @ BABY PAIGE. They are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I know that the children(Boy 6 & Girl 2) will have these for many years. I am so anxious to see pictures of them as they help mommy and daddy in the kitchen. The quality is Excellent!! I Could Not Be Happier With This Purchase…..I Definitely Recommend Ms.Upton @ BABY PAIGE!!!

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