Evenflo started as a distributer of baby care products. Evenflow now offers products to meet all the needs of children from birth to the pre-school years.

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  1. Bought the evenflo carseat/booster for my 18 month old, DON’T EVER BUY IT. the buckle gets stuck and takes me a while to get her out of it!!! If it was an emergency it could be really bad. There stuff is junk

  2. My 8 month old baby boy pulled himself out from the edge of this exersaucer and fell down on the floor. This is horrible! I thought this is safer than walker!

  3. i bought a $69 brest pump hoping it would be great for when i went back to work the item dont even SUCK??? i have also bought a car seat my sons only a month old its great but the brest pump omg!! and you cant even take em back

  4. I purchased three items from Evenflo,

    The Car Seat And Matching Stroller. I was taking my 3 day old daughter to the doctor, and right before I put her in the stroller one of the back wheels fell off. Thank God I noticed it before I put the CarSeat in the stroller. I also purchased the Simply Go breast pump by Evenflo and it doesn’t pump my milk, but makes a lot of noise. I think this is ridiculous how I spend over 400 dollars in Evenflo and their products are garbage. Not happy at all.

  5. I purchased an Evenflo SimplyGo Breast Pump thinking it would be great for my return to work and on the go, but it hardly had any suction at all and is just noisy. I have had other products by Evenflo with no problem, but with this pump, my milk “won’t even flow!”

  6. I have a problem have an ev enflo botle the plastic started toy have used ot disolve from the inside and ive only used it a week very mad

  7. I purchased an Evenflo stroller in 1999. I took it out to use and it is missing the bracket that hold the sunshade visor. the mos

    Model number 4071R2

    I am very interested in replacing this part. Please contact me and let me know if this is possible.


  8. bought a 3 pack of bottles for my grandson who is now 8month old and so far 2 out of 3 have broke. the bottom just breaks when dropped from about 2 or 3 feet not happy dont want to replace bottles

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