Everquest Universe includes Everquest, Everquest 2 (EQ2), eqii, eqoa, house of thule, sentinel’s fate, and eq2 extended. They are hugely popular online role playing games by Sony.

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  1. Everquest used to be fun but now are catering to the high end raidingguilds and raid geared players with their latest expansion with veils of alaris am thinking about cancelling all my accounts

  2. i use to play everquest hardcore when I was a kid. I am now trying to download the game on launch pad and its stating that the dranikhollowsc.eqg file is corrupted and or will not download. please help me ive been trying to log on and play for a week now. I thought it was my computer cause it was old so I bought a new one and still nothing, I’m desperate.

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