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  1. Hi Evony,

    Please remove my Visa credit and debit cards, if not expired, from your system. You may only have my credit card on file–please remove it. Please reply via email @gmail.com–when done.

    Thank you.

  2. Hello, I play on SS60 and have for several years. Recently a player who refers to himself as Hacker (mistake in game) found a way to get peoples IP addresses through their skype name and then preform an attack on that IP address to knock out their internet and in some cases causing computers to freeze. He did this to me and while my internet was out a player in his alliance attacked me, when I was defenseless and couldn’t log in. Evony have received numerous complaints about this and they refuse to penalize this player, who rumor has it, is “tight” with the evony staff. What he is doing, is in fact against the law and evony , by not removing him from the game play, is enabling his criminal behavior and allowing unsuspecting people to fall victim to his hacking attacks. Evony has been given indisputable proof that this occurred and they allow this player to go above and beyond of exploiting glitches, hacks and any unfair advantage in the game. He utilized the resource glitch long before anyone else on the server did and then evony staff tipped him off before they capped resources so he had a chance to move around his glitched resources, where as other players lost theirs. He runs somewhere in the ballpark of three THOUSAND accounts he uses to feed his main account and fill up states to stalk those who cross his path. After being victimized by this person, I assumed Evony would take him off of the server to prevent him from using criminal tactics for his advantage in game, but they did not. They did nothing. and Now he is demanding a public apology from me or he insists he will stalk me, which he does. I port and within minutes he has used his filler to fill the state, gotten my coords of the bot and then moved in 1 to 2 miles next to me with his massive billions of troops account.

  3. I am playing Evony for 3 years and today is the first time i am being attacked and My page froze and i cant login back into my account so am losing a city because evony has issues with their server.. Ya need to fix this BS since i am one of the persons that has made your company rich by wasting my money into your account

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