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  1. I have been on the phone for 52 minutes with Expedia customer service regarding a travel credit. Marina did finally apply the credit to a flight that I booked on-line. In the past, competent Canadian customer service reps have handled the request in a matter of minutes. IS EXPEDIA REALLY SAVING $$$$ WHEN FOREIGN SERVICE REPS TAKE 4 TIMES AS LONG TO PROCESS 1 TRANSACTION.

  2. Well this explains a lot.. Hubby has been on the phone with 3 different agents Bashir ,Rhona and another Rhona tring in vain to get a simple question — “does the total price include airport transfer to the hotel?” none of these agents had the simple ability to answer this question. It’s good to know that the company’s hard working Canadians support is in a third world country where 1 canadians salary can be stereched to pay 25 people. Its disgusting that this is what Canada has come to; and I know it’s lot only expedia that does it.. ALL of the CANADIAN banks do it, along with cable, Internet, online customer service… Its repulsive.

  3. I have booked many vacations and holidays for ourselves, kids, and company, with Expedia.ca. when ever a problem occured the reprsentatives were friendly, knowledgable and understandable. I had a recent problem with a booking and was on the phone for almost 8 hours total, after being redirected several times, on hold sooooo long, and disconnected twice after long holds.


    I will never waste another minute of my life on hold, or explaining something to another representative in Egypt that does not understand and does not know how to do things!!!!

    Sad because I loved EXPEDIA and told everyone about them.

    Now I have a very different story to tell.

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