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  1. My husband works for a company in NY. So he has the ez pass for mobil gas. We live in NC and when we come home we can’t use the ez pass. Our question is why don’t these Mobil/Exxon have their business set up to use the ez pass here in NC?

  2. I have been a mobil card holder for at least 30 yrs. I recieve a monthly credit security from BOA . My last notice showed a notice from you, that I was over my credit line. Citi didn’t state it was $ 11.00 over. When I spoke with citi they said thats the way it is, & I may not be able to use my card until it’s under. I asked if they had consider the price of gas has risen 25 % There was no response. I said maybe I should another gas card, no responce. Let me know if I should ? Bill

  3. 9/01/2012 On 8/10/12 We were driving on I95 and stopped at Exxon station, Dealer #4227773-PXM for gas and facilities in Gable, SC. The reason we exited for this station was, they advertised CLEAN restrooms, which we found to be far from the truth. This station had a Subway rest. attached with the restrooms in between. I entered the men’s room and wanted to use one of the stalls and found that both stalls were completely out of toilet paper and otherwise unclean. I exited the men’s and sought out the Exxon manager and he simply stated “go see the Subway people” and was absolutely no help. I resent this treatment, especially in that I own 900 shares of Exxon stock. Also, I had purchased over $70.00 of gasoline. This is unacceptable and the dealer should be advised.

  4. I have used Exxon gas for over thirty years with no problems. Their credit services have always treated me well. I would recommend Exxon products to anyone. PS It seems all of those screw ball Wall Street protesters can’t get their heads out of each other’s ass’s long enough to breath the air of reality.

  5. I have had only superior experience with Exxon Mobil—-my card was stolen and the charges on it amounted to over a thousand dollars—I was not held responsable due to all of the facts that were told bore out to be truthful!! Honesty has its own reward—–sara in little rock

  6. Stop the advertising about Tar Sands oil will give the United States jobs. THAT IS A LIE. And furthermore the pipeline is an environmental disaster.

  7. We recently bought Exxon in Glen Rock, NJ.(390 W. Maple Ave.) The guy filled our tank. We found out that he did not put any gas into our car. (more to the story but it’s too long). This happened a week ago. We found out when we took it for repairs that the tank is almost empty. It should be 3/4 full. Weird thing is – there is nothing on our credit card. BUT I don’t care about that. We could have run out of gas on the thruway. We’ve had snow and ice here this week. This is a safety issue. We thought out gas gauge was broken. Now we have to pay the mechanic for fixing something that he didn’t need to fix. What a mess. Unfortunately this station is not owned by XOM. It’s owned by a distributor.

  8. I have lived in this house for 31 years and always buy my gas around the corner at 2395 W Commercial Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I use my Mobil card and always request a receipt at the pump, but for some reason there is never any paper in the machine anymore and I have to dig out my cane and walk inside as I have a bad left foot. Why do you ask if we want a receipt if you never have paper to print it. The man inside was very smart and said he just worked there, come in the morning and talk to the manager. I hope you can do something with this station or I will need to go elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

  9. Does Exxon Mobil have the following telephone number in its corporate system: 44-871-9741-012? And, does Exxon Mobil have a “Payment Officer” by the name of Rex Tillerson?

    I believe I have received a fraudulent message claiming to be from Exxon Mobil Corporation, London W4 4PH, email address: exxondraw.dept@live.co.uk and a web address of ondraw.dept@live.co.uk — you may wish to investigate inasmuch as someone is using the good name of Exxon Mobil to commit identity theft.

  10. I have been a Mobil-Exxon credit card holder for many years and would seek out a Mobil/Exxon station to buy gas.Now that the double standard of cash or credit card prices have come into effect you are charging me for using your credit card at your stations. We get nothing in return for using the company card. Why should I continue to be a loyal customer?? I no longer seek out a Mobil/Exxon station. You give me nothing for being loyal. I now use my other credit cards which give me “perks” in return. I would like to know WHY you charge your card holders for using YOUR card??

    By the way I did call once and was told this was not the policy. Who regulates the prices at your stations and who sets policy? I wonder if I will get an answer to these comments..


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