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EZ Pass NY Customer Service Telephone Number and Contact Information. Contact New York EZ Pass Customer Support and Customer Service. Also please leave your feedback on your customer service experience below.

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  1. Ezpass just saved me from a huge payment that I could not afford I was so upset when I got a bill for 300.00 which was going up to 1000.00 because the check I left in the printer on accident and it didn’t get mailed. I called and spoke to douglas about it and I explaind what happened he helped me so much. I love you ezpass

  2. you are the worst. before I can contact somebody for help. now not even that. I can’t have access and no one that can help. ridiculous..

  3. you guys are the worst. All I wanted to do was to put in a NEW credit card number as mine was cloned. Your prompts are from hunger. Please provide a contact number or tell me how to do this.

    Thank you,

    Peter Laitmon

  4. I closed my account because I moved out of state and I was never refunded the balance I had when I closed. How can I get my money back?

  5. Hi- I was driving my mother’s car and completely forgot that she does not have ezpass. I was on the I-190 South- what can I do to make the payment (probably 50 cents) and avoid a violation?

  6. I just spoke with Joseph. He was polite, professional and handled my concern immediately. I will known in 7-10 business days how completely it was taken take of.

  7. I just recently received a toll violation. This is my second violation from the previous week and prior to that, I had no knowledge that my license plate was stolen. My car has been inop for more than a month and has gone nowhere near NJ. I tried calling the Port Authority Police Department to report it, hoping they will keep an eye out for it. Yeah…Didn’t work. So I just tried calling EZ pass and the rep was nice and courteous about the matter.

  8. To whom it may concerns,

    Hi, My name is Peter, I’m a New yorker resident, I drive my honda van to work everyday,

    Monday thru Friday, NY to NJ round trip, I bought my monthly EZPASS since september/2011

    till now. Do you have any discount plan for me as a daily commuter, my daily ezpass fees is $9.50. I’d appreciate if you can help me to low down the cost of my daily trip.

    Thank you very much


  9. I have tried to no avail to access my account thru ezpass via computer. I have requested a new login and password and have not heard back from ezpass NY. I am constantly having problems accessing my account and have to change my login and password every time I try to go into my account.

  10. To the person on 6/6/2012 who wrote that they could not get anyone on the phone. Call 1-800-333-8655. Press 1 for English, then you have to wait, be patient whilst they run through the options. You will need to press 9 for a rep, but you can’t do it until they tell you to. I updated my credit card in about 3 mins.

  11. I have been trying desperately to reach a person who can update my credit card info. The account number they have is no longer valid…why can I not accomplish a simple change? The web site is useless and the telephone number uses only pre-programmed robots. HELP!!!

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