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Facebook Customer Service Contact Information for Support and Help

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Facebook is increasingly being used for business and business networking. 

Facebook’s competitors include Twitter and SnapChat.

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-618-7714

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Support

  1. Use their self-help section on the Facebook official website.

    Click here and then search for your issue. Or use the customer support forum and get help from other Facebook users.

Facebook Customer Service
Facebook Customer Service

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  1. Hi, I want to delete my dad’s Facebook account. He is not in a state to manage his account. He does not know his password email id or login name. How do I delete his account?

  2. Please help indent id n still can’t get in my Facebook my uncle is dying it’s the only way I have to stay updated through family please help

  3. You need to fix u r problem, i have been on this phone 2 years, now it says i have never logged on from this server, what gives, my number is

  4. Someone has hacked into my page, I believe I have two pages, I was locked out for one night and had to reconnect to WiFi, I have confirmation to request I have not requested, I have been deleted from friends I have not deleted. Sometimes when I click on a video, it will stall and ask me to reload. I am not good at this stuff. Please advise.

  5. My page has been hacked and now I hve 2 pages, someone is using my name, picture, and other information sending friend requests to the ones that’s already my friends. they hve inboxed people about a grant that’s not real asking them for money to get a free grant. Idon’t want anyone to be used but they are calling me about a grant I know nothing about and I don’t want no one else using my name to steal from others. Iwould appreciate it if you would shut this page down, it was just set up and I can’t see it from my page they hve me blocked out

    Thank you very much fr your prompt attention to clearing up this matter and when you find the guilty person please email me the information.

  6. I have been hunting the website to send my ID that faceboook want to prove whom I am. Please help me…… I have the three they want.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, but unfortunately we can’t confirm you’re the owner of this account.

    Please reply with a scan or photo of your government-issued identification that has your name and photo or name and date of birth.

    If you’re unable to provide your government-issued ID, please visit the Help Center to learn about the other types of ID we accept:


    Keep in mind that the information on the ID you provide must match the information on the account.

    Please cover up any personal information we don’t need to confirm your identity (ex: address, Social Security number) and save the image(s) as a JPEG.

    We hope to hear from you so we can help.

    View updates from your Support Inbox: https://fb.me/1FxYTUTAeMcgodJ



    Did you receive this email in error? Please let us know: https://fb.me/29NBxug2phcYces

    —–Original Message—-

    My ID, you have my business card

    —–End Original Message—–

    I have tried to reach someone at facebook concerning my account that was disabled for no reason, I have sent over all my information, photo id, Business card, verified my account address and number, I dont get why this was disabled, I was using account and next day disabled. please someone contact me to re open this account, This may have been fraud that closed it. Please re open

    Thank you

  8. I got something in my email about a prize I had won with Facebook. Person who sent me the message was smith bruce and he had full page about the contest I had entered and said 5 people have be selected and I was one of them. He went through the whole thing and said it was not a scam or a joke it was real thing. Then he wanted 375 dollars for deliver and insurance which is exactly what scammers do. You send them money first and you never hear from them again. I got back with them and let them know I have lost over 60,000 dollars from scammers and know law well now. I have help put one person in Jail and 4 others out of business. You need to get back asap and let me know about this prize so to speak. The left me with award lucky # as well as Ticket # and Batch # as well as the serial # for my winnings. If I do not hear back from you and nothing comes of this I will go to my friends from FTC and FBI and report this as scam and will put report also with better business. I will not be scammed again. I lost a great career in dentistry when I had horrible accident on my Harley and left me with traumatic brain injury and I lost everything then the scammer hit me but I know all the tricks now. I hope to hear from you soon I would hate this to get out and hurt Facebook business.

    Thanks Randy

  9. I want to get my Facebook account totally deleted….please take me off completely…this is not for me especially when people put pictures of you on the account that you don’t want.All I wanted to use it for was to look up an old friend..This is not for me,please removed me completely.I tried several time and it is not working.My account at the time I entered was donnarankins@yahoo.com. Password soulfood. Get me off

  10. HELP WANTED. I can’t get into my Facebook account, at all. I have tried everything I could for numerous days and nothing works. I’ve been trying to get a hold of a human being with Facebook and nothing. For such a huge company there is no help, no customer service. With other companies you call, they talk to you and help you solve the problem. No cost and you can reach them no problem. It says “Sorry, this feature isn’t available right now. An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later. For no reason at all. I am disabled and this is the only thing I do every day for fun, keep my mind off my pain, etc.. Please help. I’m having Facebook withdrawal. Thank you.

  11. I have been trying to get into my Facebook account. It only lets me see a few things, then it shuts down. I cancelled the app, then re-entered it again. Each time I schroll down, it shuts the Facebook account down again. Please help me to be able to access as all my facebook

  12. FACEBOOK – I cant seem to access the email address associated with my fb account so I can no longer access the FB account. I have contacted Microsoft they said the account doesn’t exist and I need to speak to FB. Is there any way I can verify my identity so I can delete the email and add a current one which I can access and use so that I can access my fb account again?

  13. I accidentally changed my language in FaceBook. The script is all in an oriental script. How do I change it back to English? I can’t read anything in settings—all oriental script. What do I do???

  14. I had a friend request from a Tara Ann Mcabee she claimed to work for Facebook . I accepted and she informed me that I had been selected in a promotional drawing and won $6000,000.00 . She then went on to get some of my internet info . and home address . She then said she needed $500.00 to pay for sending me the check for $6000,000.00 . I then explained I would need some information before I would do that . I stated I would need the Facebook headquarters number , her employee number and something verifying the promotional . A couple of days and Ms. Tara Ann Mcabee comes back onto my Facebook account with what she claimed was Mr. Zuckerberg e-mail address and that he would answer and assure me I had won $6000,000.00 .

    The e-mail address she gave was Markzuckerberg470@outlook.com .

    I thought the whole thing odd after the asking for money , particularly when she gave Mr. Zuckerbergs e-mail address and some of her miswording of sentences . I dispise the type of people like this who prey on the needy and hard working people . I will help in anyway to punish this person , if you need me .

    Thank you for your time and creation . I also create and have patents . I see now how it can really cause problems of a different nature than patents and copyrights .


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