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Facebook Customer Service Contact Information for Support and Help

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Facebook is increasingly being used for business and business networking. 

Facebook’s competitors include Twitter and SnapChat.

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-618-7714

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Support

  1. Use their self-help section on the Facebook official website.

    Click here and then search for your issue. Or use the customer support forum and get help from other Facebook users.

Facebook Customer Service
Facebook Customer Service

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  1. i am being verbally abuse by facebook user Genesse Driver.She has been unfriend on my page ,but others still on her site see I am being called meanie and so forth.please tell me what I can do to prevent this type of abuse via internet.she is threatnening me to others and bullying me has got out of hand.

  2. I cannot log into Facebook, my account is locked. This is the second time this has happened in recent history. After filling in the crazy number/letter combo I get 2 options. I chose the security question. I was asked where my mother was born. I know where my mother was born-Detroit, Michigan. System says that was the wrong answer. I KNOW WHERE MY MOTHER WAS BORN!!! Then I was asked to identify photos. I identified most of them, but the last one’s choices were all female while the picture was male. Then I was timed out (it said I’d been on for an hour, when I had been on no more that 15 minutes). What gives? Why can’t I get immediate help? Who’s messing with my account?





  4. Hello ,I,m getting facebook but its so small I cant see the words ,Its right down the middel of the page ,but its super small ,HELP

  5. I have unsubscribed many times from receiving B.S. emails from FB but you continue to send me emails and messages. This is clearly violating my privacy rights and if your company keeps sending me your stupid messages I will file a suit against you.

    And another thing are you people to afraid to have a person on the phone for to handle complaints? Seems to me you would have far less unhappy customers.

  6. I have unsubscribed from receiving bull crap emails from FB but you continue to send me emails and messages. This is clearly violating my privacy right and if your company keeps sending me your stupid messages I will file a suit against you.

    And another thing are you people such chicken craps to have a person on the phone for to handle complaints? Seems to me you would have far less unhappy customers.

  7. I would like my Facebook account shut down, I want someone to explain to me how I can shut it down , I have no more use for Facebook I’m leaving the state and I will need Facebook anymore,,, I do feel safe anymore, please tell me who can help me

    completely shut it down, I have deactivated my account, and do not want to return. please if someone will let me know how I can do that please let me know.

    thank you

  8. To Whom it may concern:

    I recently moved my page to Google support after being deleted after the hacking ovr two months ago, for no stated reason. It took me years to build my FB page and now this. My previous posts aren’t even showing up any more! I was then told by pop-up that my account had been delete since I was ‘six years old’. Sorry, I’m 50 not 6 years old. This was on the 22nd or 23rd of December. I finally managed to get the new google based page to open and began trying to rebuild my friend list and the groups to which I belong. This worked fine for about two weeks, then I was blocked, with no notice and for no stated reason, from any function except ‘pokes’, reading the few groups that I had re-added and posting to my own wall and the walls of the few friends that I had managed to re-add. Messnger is blocked, adding friends or joining groups is blocked, posting or replying to groups is blocked. Joining groups is blocked. I have had two (2) notices that this is ‘temporary’, but no other explanation except that it was for ‘rules violations’. I have read the rules multiple times and to my knowled have not violated any rules.

    This is going on for over two months now. I had to change my Google password again *something on the order of the 6th time — I forget exactly, as usual, just to sign into my account two or three days ago. Now, since December, except for two or thread days in early January, I still can’t post to groups, use messenger or answer or initiate threads except on the few that I managed to get back onto my friend list before this hit. How much longer is this going to go on. I can’t post or reply to any of my groups, just to individuals already on my friend list… about 1’3 of my original total. What’s going on here?

    The groups are simply entertainment for me, nostalga, vintage movies and history. But, thee messenger and friend list and being able to contact people is vitally important. I have a large, four children and seven grandchildren, dozens of cousins and a 93 year old mother that I use FB to keep in contact with.

    How log is this ‘temporary’ situation going to last. The situation has already resulted in several long-term friends phoning (overseas) at great expense to make sure that I was alive and well, and I have been compelled to do the same on several occasions.

    Your rules state that a block is always temporary, and is usually between 2 days and 2 weeks. This has gone on since December. How long is ‘temporary’ going to be and how do I know when these numerous, unwarranted and completely un-notified ‘temporary’ blocks will end.

    I have been put on hold when I have tried to call 1-650-543-4800, and since I ‘do’ work and live abroad, this amounts to “3.00 per minute. Consquenly I have had to hang up before reaching anyone to speak with.

    I have also been forced to have my computer in for maintaince, as any time I look at FB, my monitor begins to flicker and will eventually go out unless I lave the site imediagely. The repair work was due to overheating as I tried for several days to keep following your rules and/or deleting accounts and starting fresh. Sorry that I didn’t ask ‘permission’ to start up a new account, but your instructions do not say how, and I had no access to FB at the time in any case. It is also impossible for me to send messages, even to those few friends that I have re-added before I lost the ability completely.

    My FB sddtess is ‘James Choron’ my remail used for support of GB is jameschoron@google.com. I use a separate email for FB and other sites since my primary email is for business and extremely important messages from my family and very close fiends. If you reply to this, please reply to this account: j_lee_choron@dukessinfoservices.com since it is my business account and I monitor it hourly.

    At the moment, I have only the one Google based FB account, and I would very much like some answers, and to have full function returned to my FN page. I have been a contented user for many years nos, and this is the first issue of this sort that I have ever encounterd.

    OH… I am forbidden by law from sending any ‘official’ or semi-official’ ‘photo documentation’ via electronic media. I was informed by an auto-bot when I first tried to access my original account that this would be necessary . There are ample photos of myself on my site under my photo section and a yahoo or google site will reveal that I am retired from Eastman Kodak and am now a multiply published author.

    Thasnk you,

    Dr. j. (james) L. Choron

  9. it is truly a joke for a site of this magnitude to not offer phone support considering the income and profit u generate.its not right to disconnect one from their account without a reason,nor to contact them with regards to same.

  10. can youy please explain to me why one transaction of £3.21 and £1.24 has been taken out of my account on 08/02/14 .as I haven’t made any transactions on this date by my bank card .can you e mail me or phone me by reply

    thank you

  11. my ex mother in law is stealin my pics and posting them and i have reported them and they r not takin them off of her facebook..this is slander..she is using my children to make me mad cause thats all she can do to make me mad..i want them took off and the statuses took off and comments or i will handle it myself..my children sit beside me and sees all of it..I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS!!! Its time for her to be stopped I’m not the only person or household she has did this to…

  12. Please help. Some way I locked myself out of Face Book last night. I had face book send me a new password to my yahoo e-mail. The password Face book sent did not work. Would some one please send me a new password to my yahoo e-mail address. Thank you

  13. I cannot remember my password, it gives a code which I enter and then shows me pictures of people that I don’t know because I am friends with them on fb with the organation that I am with but not personal friends with them. I have only had them on fb for a day only and don’t know any of their faces. And, also for as money that facebook has your help section sucks and you should be able to talk to someone on the phone.

  14. I am new on face book and I can’t remember all these questions about pictures and friends I can’t get into my page on Facebook could you help me.

  15. I am trying to speak to someone about a guy who is using 3 other people accounts in the USA he is also abusive and nasty can I get some help please

    thanks in anticiapation

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