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Facebook Customer Service Contact Information for Support and Help

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Facebook is increasingly being used for business and business networking. 

Facebook’s competitors include Twitter and SnapChat.

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-618-7714

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Support

  1. Use their self-help section on the Facebook official website.

    Click here and then search for your issue. Or use the customer support forum and get help from other Facebook users.

Facebook Customer Service
Facebook Customer Service

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  1. I have multiple messenger accounts popping up that I did not create. I’ve tried numerous times to ge them gone but my friends keep telling me they’re being used everyday I’ve gotten numerous screen shots of this activity. Somebody is using Facebook and messenger in my name and Facebook won’t do a thing about it

  2. yesterday, I cleared my activity cache, & now can not log back into my account. Instead, I am given access to an old account which was hacked last year & was supposed to have been disabled. I suffer with severe depression & have learning difficulties. I need my facebook back in order to keep in touch with family & to play a few games. Without it, My life is non existent. Hopefully, there is someone who can help me get my facebook back so that I can have some contact with my family before I end up in hospital due to the stress.I would welcome any offers of help, including sorting this out remotely.

  3. Dainon McCullough
    My Facebook was disabled and no
    one seems to know how to fix it . Facebook has no Customer Service or help Tech to help you this is messed up because i’be been locked out my account for 6 months !

    1. Hi I am Ahmed khalil chowdhury i am a regular Facebook user…my account has
      been disabled on 31st December 2017 because without any bad intention by
      mistake I have violated Facebook laws…please help me in reactivation of
      my disabled account .My account has been disabled without a notice. I believe I have not committed any activity that violates Facebook Policy. I have been using this account for the last 8 years. I have very important conversation and information stored here. Please take my request into consideration and retrieve it . sir please open my id…Ahmed khalil chowdhury…

  4. I’m believe my facebook has been hacked into any I have tried everything to get logged back in even with the 2 codes that was sent to me and it still wont work

  5. It is hard to believe that in spite of everything I have done to cure the problem, per Facebook’s Help Center, my account is unaccessable. I cannot sign in on my computer, on my cell either. There is apparently no customer service line to reach out to, nobody to email and I may have been hacked but Facebook is so totally messed up that its like going around in circles.

  6. I am really upset I have been tying to get back on my Facebook page ad I have tried all the things that it has said to try and none of it works . my cell phone is not on facebook so I do not get codes on it I have been sent codes and have changed my password and still can not get on it ask for code generator and I don’t have one then I was saked to sent proof of who I was and sent a picture of me and my drivers license and still nothing I am getting very mad please send me a way to login back in I do use my kindle and my laptop but mostly my kindle thank you

  7. i have been locked out of my fb account. tried to have the code sent to my phone but it just kept sending me the same codes. even waiting more than 24 hours it still does the same thing. even after i went 2 days and tried getting a code through my email just using it once still said tried too many times please wait and try again later….i have no idea what to do, and fb is the only way i have contact with many family members. please help.

    1. same as me they just kicked me off, and i am pissed i have alot of family ^7 long distance friends! i think this is their little tricks
      trick to force us to pay for for it. I have had so much crap happen these past two days I wanna punch a wall! They are useless!

    1. I cannot get in to my business Face Book. They are using my landline to text me a security code. I have a username and password. It is a loop. No one to respond. They should just keep with the passwords. FB just wants to gather more information.

      Other companies either call with a code or give you a one tie number to call in.

  8. My account is constantly being disabled. The Policy of community standards should be changed. This is crazy, I have business and I do ads on Facebook. You have cost me my business many times. I have changed my passwords because I cannot remember half the time, however I still get disabled even after verifying who I am through whatever you request such as phone number and date of birth, whatever it is…
    I need to get back on, my name is Caroline Felton this is my birth name. No matter what account name I have used I get disabled.

    Also I have seen people with names such as Rhonda Earnwithme, or some sort of other name, so don’t say that it is because of an alias…

    1. Caroline, I have just the opposite problem. I want to permanently and totally get off of facebook and your account is constantly being disabled. I want to be disabled, removed permanently and forever, and not ever use Facebook again, for many reasons. Cannot get in touch with anyone who will assist me. Do you have any suggestions? I am not paying a tech to get information on how to get removed but I am prepared to get my family attorney to force Facebook to remove my name and all information.

  9. Every Problem I see would be ez if you would just answer your phone – like you should. You know enough about me to turn off my connection and destroy my communication without warning or solution. Do you do this all the time?Or do you just do this to people on a holiday weekend when we are stranded?

  10. Someone is useing my name and photo on messenger. They contacted my friend and asked her question which she knew wasn’t me. Please help me.

    1. same thing happen to me, messenger is no more secure, i will disable it,,,facebook just do not care anymore, a lot of people just start messangeng, and after while, they got all kinds of reasons to ask for money

  11. Bought new phone name is Scott Collins phone number is need to combine Michael Collins and Scott Collins accounts together same person my wife created me another account can’t remember email account or old phone number just last two numbers

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