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Facebook Customer Service Contact Information for Support and Help

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Facebook is increasingly being used for business and business networking. 

Facebook’s competitors include Twitter and SnapChat.

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-618-7714

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Support

  1. Use their self-help section on the Facebook official website.

    Click here and then search for your issue. Or use the customer support forum and get help from other Facebook users.

Facebook Customer Service
Facebook Customer Service

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  1. I cant log in on acct. It was blocked and requested my birth date for Identification. When I put it in IT WAS WRONG.

    Facebook, you have my e-mail address, its the same one I use to log in . PLEASE email me back to fix this problem!!

  2. I was locked out of my account and when I tried to log back in, I got a message that I must convert my timeline to a page! This is my personal account! I am not using this account as an organization, business, brand or public figure therefore, I should NOT have to convert my account to a page! I am an administrator over my rescue’s page and animal shelter’s page. I am a member and administrator over several groups and I CANNOT access group pages as a page! You can’t reach customer services, only get automated responses when you report a problem! HOW CAN THIS BE A PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY WITH NO ACCESS TO CUSTOMER SERVICE?!!! I NEED TO TALK TO A REAL LIVE PERSON!

  3. 5/7/2014 I recently changed my phone number and cannot access my fb accoutn it says they will send me a txt message but I no longer have that number can u please help me thank u We’re

  4. I paid $42 for advertisement on “Satrap in the Mix” page and as it showed on ad purchase page I was supposed to get up to 60 likes per $20 each day, I’m trying you guys this time if I’m not happy I will go with another company like twitter, but if I’m happy with the results I will continue buying advertisement space from you for a long time.

  5. when i try to get on my facebook page it says because you have login notifications enabled, you will receive a notification when you log in from a new browser. what does this mean?

  6. Hi. I’m having a problem with one of your Tech Support’s in India. I called one time with a Problem. He went thru all my info and Picture’s and made me a Friend before I knew it. Well at first I thought this is good. I have someone on the indide. From that day on he bothered me on a Daily Basis. Lying to me and such. Anyway, after a while I unfriended him. He then had 4 different ppl calling me from India telling me I had something wrong with my computer trying to get access to my Computer. I wasn’t born yesterday so I asked them for a # I could call them back on and of course it was a Bad #. Now after a year he’s trying to get back on my page. He was Obsessed with me then and still is. His Name is ASHUTOSH SHARMA. I want him Reprimanded or Fired. U cannot run a Company Like this. What happened to the direct phone calls u could make to Corporate????. And Why r all the Number’s the same??? What kind of Company r u running here to where u have to pay somebody else to take care of YOUR Companies Employees. This is not right Mark Zuccerberg!!!!!!!

  7. I need to talk to a person as I can’t access my account and this issue can’t be resolved on the internet. My issues are that I can’t access my account and I can’t recognize all the pictures that are shown. I can verify my identity by my email; friends’ list and FB can see my posts to regular members with whom I correspond.

    My other issue is with someone who cribbed my picture and spelled my name wrong and posted pretending to be me. My issues are with Jen Babjerk who has a multitude of screen aliases including Jen Fields and one Eve Waddington who may or may not be Jen Babjerk. She has been stalking members of the Jani Foundation and has been known to stalk people on Amazon as well. Please help. She most likely started a page called Schofield Discussion Page wherein people slander Michael and Susan Schofield, parents of 2 mentally ill children and founders of the Jani Foundation. Their abuse continues with impunity.

    Everything Jean said above on September 4, 2013 applies equally to what I am saying now.

  8. i tried to purchase tokens on double U casino that i used to do all the time for entertain ment.this time i used a new capital one mastercard and the transactions were declined due as according to you the card security code is not valid.i decided to cancel all the transactions but iwas very much surprised when i found out from capital one that you charged those transactions that you declined from my card.how did it happened?you declined but at the same time you charged me for it.i called the credit card company in order to file a dispute to return the money back to me.everything that happened was very disgusting.

  9. the fact that I just changed my pw and I know what I put it as and says its incorrect ok now u eather give me my pw that I put it down as cuz I bet its the same thing that im typing and the fact that I haven’t ben on the email for along time I dnt remember it so u eather email me my pw on the email that I am providing

  10. I received this notice:

    We detected a login into your account from a new device named “IE on Windows” on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 8:45am. This device has been added to your account.

    Operating System: Windows 8

    Browser: IE

    Location: Mount Laurel, NJ, US (IP=2601:6:7200:72a:8882:f867:bd19:d91b)

    Note: Location is based on internet service provider information.

    If this was you, please disregard this email.

    If this wasn’t you, please secure your account, as someone else may be accessing it.


    The Facebook Security Team

    Now I can’t even get to Facebook for help.

    Please tell me how to get to Facebook as it just sys cannot get to site

    Please and Thank you for your help

  11. I recently changed my phone number and cannot access my fb accoutn it says they will send me a txt message but I no longer have that number can u please help me thank u


  12. My account was hacked so I tried to reset my password which I was able to do, then I was asked for my birthday I put that in and its the wrong date. My account has been suspended and im trying to get a hold of someone to let me in to my own account but since I don’t know what birthday someone else put down I cannot get onto my own page. But oh well the little smart ass billionare who owns facebook dont care that this is the only way right now I can keep in touch and see a friends children that I have known all my life. He has his money and thats ok.

  13. Please help me get on to my facebook! I originally had my facebook under an email that my work no longer has. I was unable to retrieve my password because of this. I tried to change my account to my new email and in doing so created a new account and have no way to get back to my original account. I have visited your help page and tried everything (as well as having a half dozen friends try to help me) and it keeps bringing me to my new account (which I don’t even want). I just deactivated the new one in hopes of finding the original one but it won’t allow me to even use the old email to access that account-it keeps updating me to my new email. I tried to contact you via phone which isn’t possible. I am very frustrated. I really want to return to my original account. I would REALLY appreciate your help. Thank you

  14. I been trying to log in into my account for 2 days now and this message keeps popping out

    Secure Your Account


    To help keep your Facebook account secure, we’ll take you through a few steps to change your password and make sure any recent changes to your account came from you.

    what can I do? I have change my password like 15 times already and it keeps popping up every time after I change it!!!!

  15. Hi my name is Mireya Alvarado and I can’t connect to

    My account that I use to have about in 2 years ago but

    I already have another but I would like to have the old one

    Because I have a lot of pictures of my baby when she was born

    Since I lost my older phone with all my pictures and I want to get the

    Ones I have on face book please If any body knows how to fix this

    Problem conect to me on my email please and let me know what I

    need to do thank you and have a bless day.

  16. There has to be some kind of compromise that Facebook can come to with Writers on Facebook. They seem to think that all of our hard work and our fans don’t care, but we do care and so do our fans. This constant disabling of accounts is nothing short of a witch hunt. They have tons of people (creepers and pedophiles) who only wish to do harm to people and yet they stay on. Even Charles Manson has a page and nothing is done about that.

    Writers only wish to tell stories and be read. There are groups that have countless fans that enjoy what is being written, whether it comes from a series of books or is an independent story being told. Some faces used to drive the story and give readers visuals are welcomed by the readers, they aren’t a bit confused as to the fact that a face is not really Halle Berry (for example) and No one is saying that they are her or any other face that might be recognizable. Those faces that are used are held in High esteem by the writers and never are their reputations besmirched.

    Being asked to give more personal info or ID’s and telephone numbers is not only uncalled for, but unfair. Writers gain no money for what they do, it’s only for the love of writing and we do socialize with people all over the world. We become friends and family like. And isn’t that what the site is about anyway? Why are we being targeted and harmed for love of what we do? Is there anything that can be done other than leaving all of our friends on Facebook? Honestly, it makes it so hard to support the site anymore, when all they seem to do is strike terror and fear into such talented and giving people.

    All writers are asking for is just a little compromise and to be allowed to hone a craft that we love and to continue to be enjoyed by millions of Fans and Friends.

  17. Accepted an offer on the game ” WICKED” for $ 4.99, which was for

    6 Flying Machines, 6 Hammer Boosters, 10 Extra moves, and 6 Flying Machine Boosters.

    My account promptly got charged for it, however I NEVER recieved the items I paid for.

    Could you please help with either putting these items on my game or refunding my $ 4.99.

    Thank You.

  18. I facebook account ask for my password and then it’s take me to ?this screen what going on

    Do you know the people you’re sending friend requests to?

    ???You’ve been sending friend requests to people who don’t know you.

    Facebook is a place for connecting with people you know well, like:


    Classmates and coworkers

    People you know personally

  19. I ke trying to change my pass word as I forgot mine, but I never get a text code or email code to change it, further more I try to put a comment on my friends and it always tells me it’s spam, can we solve this maybe I made a mistake somewhere or something,thanks anneliese wencek

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