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Facebook Customer Service Contact Information for Support and Help

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Facebook is increasingly being used for business and business networking. 

Facebook’s competitors include Twitter and SnapChat.

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters

1601 Willow Road

Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-618-7714

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Support

  1. Use their self-help section on the Facebook official website.

    Click here and then search for your issue. Or use the customer support forum and get help from other Facebook users.

Facebook Customer Service
Facebook Customer Service

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  1. can you please tell me how to retrieve a contact that has been accidently deleted. Please.

    this is my second request, if the answer is that it cant be done please tell me.

    please email me with the answer as soon as possible.

  2. I am trying to logon to Facebook and cant. I don’t know how to send a picture of me. My first password was X.

    my second password was X and I still can-t get on. My phone # is X

    my address is X

  3. i need to contact face-book support because my account is currently locked and has been locked for almost a month now and i cannot access it because it wants me to confirm my identity and i have tried countless time to unlock my account but every time i try it will not let me and its the only account i have and i have friends who are probably worried sick about me and i cant contact them pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee help me……..

  4. Please! Is there someone that incharge on finding a solution to solved my problem regarding my facebook account? It stated “Facebook are having maintenance” and also I found out that my facebook account has been removed?!

    What is happening here? Maintenance more than two days already.

    Please can someone help me to retrieve back my facebook account or find who is the culprit behind this trying to sabotage my account?? I’m very worried and paranoid now!

  5. I spent all day trying to back into Facebook for what PASSWORD and i am sick and tired of you people telling how to get back in in my account i get to damn many run around i even had a new password for it but you won’t let pass like confirmation code and all i get back was this #### !

    So thinks i am a hacker or impersonator , think again i live by my self , and your sign account ins’t as good you think i haven’t had any problems till now , if i have to go to a law firm ifr i find that someone from FB was behind this i hope i am wrong !

  6. FB has repeatedly been misconfigured fro some strange reason. I haven’t done anything wrong and consider FB to be very unsafe. There are people on there I never heard of and I had thought my privacy settings were set in such a way that I wouldn’t be bothered with some of these “people” and I use the term loosely! You have allowed some very unsavory and immoral people to gain access to my personal information and I am going to contact the

    FCC about you and file a grievance. There is no excuse for the mismanagement of that mess you call a social media website.

  7. My facebook account was deleted 3 days ago by someone and facebook will not help me to get it back. I have over 2000 freinds on that page please restore it as i have had it since facebook started. Thank you

  8. It says i have to use my real name on facebook but i used my real name it says i need a ID but i dont have one at all ! I am 15

  9. plesae help tried to but face book on my phone said I try code to many time this I didnt do because I knew my pass word got messageYou have tried entering too many codes. Try again later. have tried and tried and still could not log in tried call the number but no awnser PLEASE HELP

  10. My granddaughter has a facebook account and all of these guys are sending her inappropriate messages and photos. Now someone has hacked her page and posting very offensive language. I tried to alert facebook that she is underage but they don’t seem to care. Should I just notify the police and let them notify you??????????

  11. I am receiving 100’s of messages from people in foreign countries who say they have accepted MY friend request. After I unfriend so many of them at a time, I get a message from Facebook warning ME to stop making so many friend requests or I will be blocked! I have NEVER made a friend request. I need help with this problem. Thank you.

  12. I have someone putting up pictures of my 5 yr old daughter . They have been told to take them off and she won’t do it. Jr3hoehn is the name on Instagram. On face book she is jr Hoehn . Please do something about it cause she has my lil girls pictures posted by her young womany pictures . My email is please let me know something.

  13. Have To ID PHOTOS of Friends and missID The¯m OF The Time. I have suspicious activity on My acct twice!! Since 2014 MAY 05th and Now. I can?t re activate My acct

  14. Hi it’s my email- @yahoo.com

    But I can not open my facebook please help to open or send ma a email

    Iam really waiting u to solve my problem


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