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  1. My Fagor Oven was bought and installed in 2011 or 2012. The Heating element collapsed during last Christmas Eve cooking. The repairman that attended to it claimed to be contracted by Fagor. He just checked my oven and tied the heating element with wire and charged me RM120/=. Two weeks later he called to say he could order a new heating element for a RM360 thereabouts. But I didn’t trust him anymore, so I never ordered the heating element or called him again.

    The Heating element is still held up by a piece of wire but now The oven light now trips after 5 minutes.

    Fagor Model MH 6H-50X
    Typ 1HV121X
    Cod 901010012
    Series 101601814
    230V 50Hz

    Would appreciate a reliable and honest repairman to attend to my oven.

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