Family Dollar


Family Dollar is a 7,000 store strong chain of discount neighborhood discount stores.

Family Dollar Corporate Office Headquarters<

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  1. Family Dollar manager is rude and sketchy towards women 1/9/13

    The family dollar location in quincy massachusetts has a very unprofessional manager and supervisor. Rude and sketchy towards females

  2. Family Dollar Customer Service Review 2013

    Family dollar on queen city dr. In cumberland is my favor place to shop i absolutely love the store no person is perfect but when walk in im only greeted by certain people n others that glance n dont say a word n same goes for helpn me when i need it. I always pay attention to the name badges so i remember who helps me to thk. Them by name it to me makes appreciation show from both sides. There are things im not to happy about n ive shopped there since they opened that store. I was in there this morning n the manager was working i witnessed her talking about one of the employees to another customer ok the roads covered with snow everywhere n she said 3 people we not going to be able to come into work but she was talking so mean about one of them if 3 of them werent to come in y is she talking about one women n over the past few months i have heard conversations i as a customer shouldnt have had to hear out where im shopping . Incase anyone ever visits there if u ever need assistance i can say the best to ask bethany crystal brenda these girls are absolutly great with me n ive seen them great with other customers as well especially crystal and bethany i dt understand over the last times ive been hearing her conversayions y is she talkn about her employees that way she is she is the manager and she does not do the great job she does not by far she has walked past me without a word when ive asked for help from the manager acts like im bothering her n the tone of voice she has answered me n ive watched her do noth. Plenty of visits to the store while im seeing the employees busting there hinny my point is y do they have a manager like this if a complaint was filed on a cashier employee something would probley be done y is the company not paying attention to the head manager n what they do n dont do

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