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  1. Greetings FF,

    My family and I love your show. However, my kids and siblings stopped watching one by one, bit by bit.
    How about some Hispanic, Asian families as participants?
    My kids, nephews and nieces do not see themselves on the show.
    After all, we are in 2019 an age of celebration of diversity.

    J. R. Gomez,

  2. Family Feud is disgusting. I used to watch it all the time until Steve Harvey started hosting……and the writers started using crass, insulting and very sexual questions and answers. How do you explain to a 7 year old what “Twiddling the twanger” means!! So offensive and NOT A FAMILY show.

  3. I am so dissapointed in Family Feud lately. It is no longef a family show and should be removed from daytime tv. No way will I let my children watch a show with such inappropriate questions and answers. Another fine show gone bad becaue they thought they could not make it work without adding sex. Come on writers put on your thi king caps.

  4. The rules for family only, blood related is a prejudice discriminating rule. Some of us don’t have 5 family members! So we get deemed ineligible!!!! Since reading contestant rules, I will not watch another Steve Harvey hosted show or event. As the host, he can change those rules! Celebrity’s are not related what so ever yet they appear on the show! Even tho the rules state otherwise! Discriminating, and prejudice against those whom do not have a big enough family!

  5. Never understand the big prize winning of 1 car.

    If five family members are playing – shouldn’t the prize be a bigger money prize or a vacation for all– how do you split 1 car? Also for the losing team visa card- each person gets what a 100 bucks??

  6. I absolutely love the show family feud and I absolutely do not like Steve Harvey as this shows host!!! All he does is dance around and make stupid animal sounds, why doesn’t just get the answers? He is really bad.

    1. I absolutely love the show family feud but I absolutely dislike Steve Harvey as a host! All he does is dance around and thinks he’s funny! Weil he is not . He also makes those stupid animal sounds and that is really stupid! Just get the answer to the questions and play on.

  7. I absolutely love family feud but, I do not like Steve Harvey as a host!!! All he does is monkeying around and shows off!!! There’s a question, get the answer and move on instead of dancing around an make stupid animals sounds

  8. 1. question, what is the last thing you stuck your finger in ? Answer by contestant, ‘ My wife’.. This should not have been shown on television. Nothing family about it.

    2. Name an ANIMAL that can ruin a family event. ‘ Answer by contestant’. INSECTS. what ?? yes it was up there as an answer….

  9. I have a problem with Facebook Family Feud(the game). For some time now I have been unsuccessfully trying to find a way to reach their Customer Service Department to report

    problems I’ve had collecting tokens I’ve earned after successful Tournament wins. I have

    also paid to play games and after selecting the tournament I want to play in suddenly the

    game crashes and I receive some weird message telling me that there is a problem and may not reflect he correct information. Then I lose the coins (usually 250) and unable to play game.

    In the last couple of months I figure I have lost more than 3000 tokens and I want them back. Also Family Feud advertises ways to earn tokens and after doing several of these I have yet to receive the tokens!!!!!!

  10. I agree so many time’s i have seen the same thing and how is it when a white family is winning all of a sudden the black family comes in and win’s on the last question. Please most people are not that stupid to believe that all of a sudden they get 3000000000 point’s to make a come back and always win. I guess the game people think we are all stupid. Of course no one will answer and of our question’s, the only thing we all can do is quite watching this bias show.

  11. @Timothy; Was it OK with you during Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Richard Karn and John O’Herley days when MOST families were White ? Let me guess: You don’t protest because the first 43 Presidents were Caucasian.

  12. I have a blind relative who enjoys “listening” to Family Feud. But…at the end of a round, when there’s still answers remaining on the board, the audiences shout them out, thus rendering any comprehension impossible. Is there any reason why the host can’t say himself what they are, or at least do so after the audience has done so? It’s a complaint I get from all the blind folks who “watch” as well.

  13. I have loved Family Feud from way back then, but have decided to stop watching recently. Being touted as a “family show”, it does not live up to its name or reputation at all. There are numerous instances wherein inappropriate and vulgar words, phrases, innuendos are thrown out by either the contestants and/or host. At times, the way the question is worded even leads the contestant to spout out words that children ought not to hear. It is regrettable that the show has evolved into what is it and to think it is aired early enough that children are able to view it.

  14. Some of yal are wrong Steve harvy is not racist because he gave some of you white folks credit too so chill that out and its not all about sex or drugs you guys answer to some to so come correct.

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