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  1. I did a Article on “family Fun” . Which pays for every word I type in a article. I never received a check from them. So ,I was wondering how can I get paid for my family Fun article? My name is Demetria S.PearsonWilliams. my number is. You can text me a message .I need to get paid for my report . I’ve sent photos.Thank you so very much .I hope to hear from someone.

  2. Just another person who did not subscribe, does not want it, either. I will not pay for it if I get a bill.

    I think it is very insensitive to send a magazine of this nature to someone who does not have children and/or family to share and enjoy it with. That you just assume it is something any person would want is very presumptuous of your staff.

    While it appears to be a nice little magazine with good family values in mind, I do prefer not to receive it.

    I will pass on the issues I have gotten to someone who may enjoy it with their children and family.

    The only other alternative to get rid it according to the messages I have read from others, is to simply refuse the delivery and have it returned to you if that is even possible.

    It appears as though you folks won’t go away even when asked to and that is simply wrong. If you can’t get your computer to stop sending folks magazines they don’t want then how did you get it to send it to them in the first place? If you can do it then you can undo it!

    C’mon folks, most of us are smarter than the keyboard we’re typing on. If someone asks you to stop sending the magazine….then DO IT! GLHM

  3. Please unsubscribe me from you magazine I NEVER signed up and you continue to send me a bill for the last 2 years. Even after I mailed you a letter last year and you continue to send me the magazine. Your approach for subscriptions is very tacky. I do NOT appreciate it. STOP sending me your magazine NOW!!!! Account: 1539125045

  4. Add me to the list. I received this magazine this month unsolicited; and prior to this, I received PARENTS. A few months ago it was easy to write a comment on PARENTS’ web site, now there is no way to navigate around their mess unless you put in an account number or address. And another thing, I don’t know who sold my information to the company but I do not live at the address where they sent the magazine. Unsubscribe me, PLEASE!

  5. Thanks for the helpful information! I was able to get through to an operator following the above instructions. However, when I stated I wanted to unsubscribe, I was told it would take awhile to honor my request. I responded that I had all day to take care of it. Then the computer system was locked and she couldn’t access my account from her computer. So, I requested her to transfer me to another person nearby whose computer was functioning. It took her about 10 minutes to find someone who was not with a customer, but I remained patient and eventually I was able to unsubscribe. Thanks again!

  6. I called the phone number and tried to get off the mailing list, but they couldn’t “unsubscribe” me because I had never subscribed. I don’t even have children at home. Mailing magazines to people who don’t want them is a huge waste of trees.

  7. Yes I too keep receving these magazines and several others …I KNOW that I did not order them…and I keep writing refused did not order on the front of them. I have got Vogue, Parenting, and family fun….I am giving my post master…who I know since I live in a small community…and have him trash them…you go on the computer to file a complaint and get NOWHERE!! I am saving the remark just in case I have to sue them..Quit sending these magazines.

  8. I am trying to submit a birthday cake idea (as requested in one of your recent issues) I cannot find a web address to send it to.

  9. After writing this on Thursday morning, I received the new copy just that afternoon. I just wanted that to be known. Thank you.

  10. I see so many people getting the magazine who did not order it. I DID order it and it is hit or miss if I receive it. Spoke with you once already and the blame was put off on the mail service. Funny….we get all the other subscriptions ordered. It’s just disappointing. I really like your magazine just wish I would always get it.

  11. Apparently, One Step Ahead gives out your address for this unsolicited subscription! They refuse to comply with removing you from their list immediately! Take it up with whomever is giving your name and address out without your permission as well. Thank you for the phone number.

  12. To be removed from the mailing list, call customer service at 800-289-4849, then hit 1. You will need the 10-digit account # (which follows “FFN”) on the mailing label. After you’ve provided the FFN# to the automated voice, say “something else.”

    I didn’t sign up either. It turns out that the subscription came with a purchase of a children’s class for my son. Nice of them to tell me.

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