Fandango is the ultimate movie website. You can find movie reviews, clips, information, bios, showtimes, and you can purchase movie tickets in advance.

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  1. I bought my tickets for 7/27 @2:40pm but made a mistake for 7/26 @2:40, while it was 2:30 pm at the time of purchase. I leave in Vancouver and tickets were bought for Bridgeport Plaza which would be 45 min drive, which I planned to head that way on 7/27.


    Fandango would not acknowledge the cirstuffstances, the time of purchase or what so ever… TOTAL SCAM!!!

  2. I made a mistake ordering movie tickets on March 3, 2016 and Fandango will not exchange or refund my money. I accidentally choose the wrong date and immediately called customer service when I saw what happened. Literally this was right after I made the purchase. I was told since I didn’t call in two hours before the movie they could not do anything. I thought I was ordering tickets for Saturday’s March 5, 2016 8pm movie for my friends and I placed the order at 7:30 on March 3, 20 16 but the date I selected was March 3 date not March 5. No kidding I didn’t make the two hour window.

    Anyone who has ever used a touch screen phone to text, search or order anything knows you sometimes select or type the wrong thing because your fingers are to big and the calibration on the phone is sensitive. So I made a mistake and tried to correct it immediately. I was told I wasn’t going to get my money back and I couldn’t change the date to when I needed the tickets. So Fandango made $50 off of me. An honest mistake and they profit from it.

    I would understand if I was a customer that constantly did this asking for refunds or exchanges but I’m not. I have a VIP account with them so they can track and see I don’t do this often or even use them that much. I would even understand if I had placed the order days ago and waited last minute to make an exchange or ask for a refund but I went to Fandango immediately after I made the mistake.

    So if you accidentally order something incorrectly on Fandango and it isn’t two hours before then they still make a profit off of your honest mistake. Fandango says the understand life happens, well I guess they don’t understand you make mistakes in life. So that isn’t a completely true statement.

    I didn’t even want a refund I just wanted to exchange the date of my tickets. Don’t use Fandango they are just in it for money they don’t care about their customers.

  3. I wish you could give 0 stars! Their app is very pretty, so is their website. Too bad their service is non-existent!!!! I purchased tickets in the morning, got to the theater and followed the link that was mailed to me (supposedly containing my movie ticket info), and all I get is a redirection to a page that says “ERROR – Sorry, the order you are attempting to view either failed or does not exist.” AS I’M STARING AT THE CONFIRMATION THAT I TOOK A SCREENSHOT OF ON MY PHONE!!!! Then I tried to go to the website to get help or do a live chat so they could rectify THEIR mistake, and guess what those pages said?! “There has been an error with your request.”

    This is hands-down the worst company I think I’ve ever dealt with. I’m still on hold on the phone trying to get a refund because I had to use the rest of my money for my date to get two more tickets. Thanks a lot

  4. I Have been on the phone waiting for them to get to my call- what kind of customer services operates their lines?

    I even started another call after an hour and I’m still on hold.

  5. Never ever use Fandango, TRUST me! Just buy the tickets direct from the theater or show up early and pay CASH! I had the same zip code error message that others have written about. It is my wife’s birthday the 22nd of December, and we had the grandparents baby sit so we could go out and watch a movie. I try to buy the tickets in advance using my Fandango app on my phone but when I try to buy them it says my billing zip code does not match the card on file. So I check the card, update all the info again and try again. No go. Same error message. I try one more time, very slowly to make sure there are no errors on my part and still it gives me the error message about the zip code. So I tell myself it has to be the mobile app, something is wrong. So I go to the PC and try 3 more times. Every single time it tells me the zip code is wrong. So I go to look online to see if there is a solution to the problem, maybe something on my end that I need to fix? What I find are a TON of complaints and people being wrongly charged on their cards. Now I’m worried, so I go to check my bank account. Now this is 3 days before Christmas mind you, and my wife’s birthday is today, so I NEED every penny in my account as it will mostly be spent on presents, meals, and other holiday and birthday costs. Well guess what I see when I look at my bank account? 7, that’s right SEVEN charges for $20.50 That is one charge for each attempt. Over $140.00 is gone from my account JUST LIKE THAT! I have NO email confirmations, NO movie tickets, and NO way to fix this problem. I call Fandango and there is an automated message saying that if the “zip code error” has occurred that it will take 3-5 business days to get the money back and that it’s “all on my bank”. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! I have been on the phone waiting to talk to a representative for 34 minutes and counting and I have a feeling it will take almost an hour to get anyone. And let me tell you something, I feel truly sorry for the person that picks up my phone call because it is going to be NASTY! Fandango sends me no tickets, no confirmation email and says “Your order cannot be processed” with big red letters, BUT SOMEHOW they STILL CHARGE MY ACCOUNT SEVEN TIMES!?!?!? Funny how that works. It is my wife’s birthday, I still don’t have the tickets to the movie, and Fandango just took all of our money for DINNER! Plus money that was going to be used to go toward Christmas presents for friends and family. HOW DARE YOU screw with someone’s money like this, ESPECIALLY this close to Christmas. You have royally screwed the next few days of my holiday. I WILL NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE Fandango AGAIN, EVER! Oh and by the way, this is NOT A NEW ISSUE! They have been doing this to people at least a year and they supposedly haven’t figured it out yet! What a load of crap! I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and telling EVERYONE I know to never use their service again.

  6. I have not received my confirmation for my recently purchased tickets and noticed I had a typo error in my email address. I do not hold a fandango account either. What do I do?


  8. Fandango offers no services. You pay $1.60 per theater ticket to stand in line at kiosk 10 feet away from ticket seller. Why? Never again. They SUCK.

  9. You are all stupid.. If you knew how to use the site it is easy. If you ate not a complete dumb ass you would not have a problem

  10. I will make a complaint if you do not take any immediate action, namely to refund one of the two charges in the amount of $26.

    Already sent 2 e-mails to you with no response from you after 5 days.

    This is not a good way to do business and to keep loyal customers.

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