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  1. I’m a new customer and I’ve been trying to log on. Every time that I try it says bad email or log in. I hit the forgot password to see if that’s why I can’t log in and I’ve put my email address, but I still haven’t received an email from Fanduel. Please contact me by email.

  2. hi I am not sure what I am not sure what I am doing I was thinking I play one NFL team vs. another and the odds are points spread. need help on how to play. pleas reply

    thanks. Rodney

  3. is there a reason why I can’t receive my winnings,I’ve been trying to withdraw my money since November.just put the money in my Paypal account, its that simple.

  4. Way back in November I won 350 dollars, iandI withdrew 300.its been almost two months and I still haven’t received my money.every time I make a request to have the money put in my PayPal account, a few days later it winds up back into my fanduel account which is not what I want.I have a feeling these people just want me to play my winnings and not give me the money, and if that’s the case, I have no choice but to stop playing fanduel. would you guys please send me my money in 48 you say you would.

  5. I got an email from fanduel stating if I join this 25.00 league and lose I’ll be refunded my 25.00 thru a promotion. We’ll guess what I lost and still didn’t get my money and they’re not responding to my emails, stay away they’re nothing more than a lowlife bookie!

  6. I need to see my balance everytime I log in it says invalid email and password was reset and I still cant get in my account I emailed my last 4 numbers of my card and all my deposits and still have not gotten a response back…

  7. I got hooked on fanduel at the start of the nfl season started out with only 5 bucks in my account now I am up to 150 bucks what gives people stop complaing cause u lost so far no problems must be the user or something cause I am winning and so is all my friends around me

  8. I deposited $25.00 and didn’t even play the game, because my money was taken from me before I cause play the game. that’s wrong, I will make sure the word get out that fanduel is ripping people off for their money.

  9. Since fan duel changed the website I can’t play at all. It tells me I’m I can’t because of my location. I live in Illinois which isn’t a restricted state. What do I need to do? My balance is just sitting there.

  10. I have tried on numerous occasions to log in to fan duel website to start…first time to log in…and it will not let me log in…i gave my e-mail address and password and it replies: INVALID EMAIL ADDRESS!!

    Please contact me by phone or email and help with my log in !!!!!

  11. Please, please, please bar my son, Neal, from the Fanduel website. He has a very, very bad gambling problem that is ruining his life and his family’s life. I will send e-mail daily in hopes that someone will show some compassion and help.

    Thank you,


  12. Week 10 NFL I won over $500. I withdrew about $400 of that amount to my paypal account and to this date I have not received the funds!! What is going on!!?? I want my winnings! Has this happened to anyone else? Is there even a customer service rep that can fix this?? I smell lawsuit coming soon for Fan Duel.

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