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Farmers Insurance Provides Home, Life and Auto Insurance. Farmers Insurance Agents service more than 15 million customers.

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  1. JUST TO LET U KNOW, you fired my ins agent,or let him go,i dont know which,but i have been with out agent,so no one to go to if something happened, not going to good with me, you told me over a week ago i would get papers for a new agent, well no papers, so giving u till end of week for a new agent or i will change agents myself to another co, the agen i had was todd from alpharetta ga

  2. ” I have been a customer of Farmer’s Insurance for the past 23 years. (Eight years in Georgia, and 15 years in Washington State). Until this past month, I have been very pleased with the service I have received.

    Four weeks ago, I called my agent, Bill Bailey, and told him that my roof was leaking. At that time I told him the leak was due to a restoration company which had previously come to the house (at Farmer’s request), to stop water from leaking into my attic due to a hole in the roof. The restoration company made additional leaks which were found only four weeks ago,. Bill told me he would take care of this problem and that all of headquarters was at a meeting in Oregon. I placed three additional phone calls to Bill, which went unanswered. Finally on 4/11, I spoke with his secretary and she verified that a claim had not been opened concerning my roof.

    Apparently, when my house was built in 2000, the original roof was stapled and not nailed, and the tiles were overlapped next to each other instead of being placed flush, which has allowed rain to seep underneath the tiles and has caused rotting.

    Today is 4/17, and I have yet to hear from Bill Bailey, or anyone else, from Farmer’s. I need this problem fixed ASAP, considering it will be raining for the next several days. I have been in touch with two roofing companies, which are on Angie’s List, with outstanding ratings, and have been informed by both companies, that my roof needs to be replaced. My son in law had to get in the attic and kill the mold and mildew which had accumulated due to the previous leak that S&S roofing had to fix on March 28.

    This not the type of service I have had in the past with Farmers. I am a disabled veteran and this is a VA home. I am very disappointed that this agent has not followed through with my claim. I am also very disappointed that I have to try to contact Farmers through Facebook rather than through the usually rapid telephone call. “

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