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  1. Hello
    I purchased the Fast Lane x-3 Destroyer Remote control. Somehow we lost the charging cord that plugs into the outlit and connects to the battery pack cord on the vehicle. Can I purchase one of these?

  2. hello i purchased a fast lane rc x-3 destroyer from toys r us. i charged the battery over night and put fresh battery in remote and all i get is a blinking like on the remote. please help

  3. I wanted to know if your outstanding company would like to donate a couple of your jawbreaker rc helicopters to our two groups of cub scouts pack 104 and 113 we are teaching these two groups about flight and electronics we would have purchased them but our funds have diminished greatly over the last few months this would not only be a new but a great learning experience for these kids my name is matt west and I am the fundraiser chair for these kids you have bought joy to my son over the years and you can bring joy to these kids as well we would greatly appreciate anything you could do and god bless you for your time thanks again

  4. Please help! I am trying to purchase a replacement battery for the fast lane wildfire rc truck. 9.6V NiMh. The ones toys are us sells have wires coming out of them but this truck’s battery does not. I have looked all over. Thank you.

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